Youth Employment Convening: Work-Based Learning

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Youth Employment Convening: Work-Based Learning

We often hear that student employees lack "soft skills." But now you have the opportunity to help your high school age employees build those skills through work-based learning, and use it as a way to help grow your workforce. Hosted by the City of Madison, the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce, Madison Metropolitan School District and the Workforce Development Board of South Central Wisconsin. Growing Your Workforce & Their Employability Skills Madison students can earn school credit for their work and volunteer experiences by working with a mentor or supervisor to build employability skills. This is an opportunity for businesses to ensure students are developing essential workplace skills. What Is Work-Based Learning? Work-based learning opportunities allow students to take what they learn in the classroom and use it at their job or volunteer experience.

When paired with opportunities like part-time jobs, internships, apprenticeships or volunteering, learning becomes more meaningful and relevant to students, making them more engaged and excited about their education and future career. Business Benefits Train a skilled workforce. Students gain technical skills in school and at worksites to help them succeed and be productive employees. Build a talent pipeline. Raise awareness of your business and industry with youth by investing in the next generation of talent. Increase diversity and inclusion. Support an inclusive economy by helping students learn about their opportunities and by helping them develop the skills for career pathways in your industry. Reduce turnover. Build employee loyalty and reduce recruiting costs by hiring the youth you trained with the skills you need.
Influence curriculum. Advise schools on the curriculum offerings and student preparation for skills your employees need. Develop your current employees. Provide your full-time employees with management and mentorship experiences by pairing them with a student employee. Support your community. Work with highly motivated students, create positive relationships with local high schools and network with other community-minded businesses.

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