Yoga Psychology Training for Professionals

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5210 SW Corbett Ave
The DAYA Foundation
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Yoga Psychology Training for Professionals

Yoga psychology addresses all symptoms from a multidimensional and profoundly compassionate perspective. We learn to understand and respond to our personal experience of both our human conditioning, which, when misunderstood, is prone to suffering; and our human potential, which, when understood, is capable of love, generosity, kindness, and equanimity. The tools of yoga help clients to learn about and relate to their symptoms, imbalances, injuries, or life-events as opportunities for self-discovery and for inspiring the process of transformation from illness to vitality, from limitation to capacity, or from disintegration to re-integration. You'll learn yoga psychology and philosophy, breathing and mindfulness practice, active and restorative yoga poses, and the integration of interpersonal neurobiology, trauma-informed practices, attachment theory, and mindful co-regulation techniques.

Are you a mental health professional who would like to weave yogic principles into your practice with clients? ~ Are you curious about how yoga promotes psychological, physical and spiritual vitality? ~ Do you seek self-care strategies to assist in your own professional grounding and longevity? Yoga is non-invasive, personally-crafted for each individual, and constantly fresh. The tools are adapted to the student, rather that the student having to adapt to the tools. Learn with the seasoned guidance of masterful teachers, Sarahjoy Marsh, MA and Jay Gregory, PhD.

Any credits for fitness professionals?
Any credits for fitness professionals?
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