Yoga For Everyday Women

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Yoga For Everyday Women

A small group yoga class - customized for a specific student. This 4 week series is for people who have one or more of the following: Female identity Some kind of physical limitation Excess body weight that makes movement challenging A desire to have a yoga class but is intimidated to join the typical group class Little to no yoga experience An older body One unfortunate thing about a typical group yoga class is that it can be really intimidating when you’re new and you feel different than your accomplished classmates. I want to assure you, Yoga doesn’t discriminate. Yoga can meet us where we’re at - all shapes, sizes, and body abilities. It helps us build strength, balance and mobility. Yoga eases stress and often, it lessens both emotional and physical pain.

During this series students can expect a class that moves at a pace they can handle. We’ll start with the basics of yoga and progress each week. This class includes a: Maximum of 8 students $100 fee 30 minute conversation after the first class, over the phone, to discuss your unique needs and any questions you may have. Yoga poses and yoga breathing help us to access the full range of motion our body has at this time, while helping our range of motion to broaden. Yoga helps us feel more capable when we twist, reach, bend over or get up off of the floor. Life is so much more than the thoughts in our head. Yoga, at its root, is about bringing more awareness to our everyday movements and choices. The more present we are in our body, the more in-tune we are to the world around us.
Come to a class for 4 weeks in a row and look for these positive results: More strength and less discomfort A feeling of being at home in your skin and connected to your body A more vibrant quality of attention and attitude * This class is 90 minutes long however, we will not be actively practicing yoga poses the entire time. There will also be instruction, stillness and guided meditation..

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