Yoga and the Heart: February is Heart Health Month!

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Yoga and the Heart: February is Heart Health Month!

Six weeks of care and attention for your heart while practicing yoga poses and breathing. Sadly, heart disease is the leading cause of death in the US for both men and women. Many of the risk factors for heart disease can be reduced with lifestyle choices. Use this series to cultivate skills, habits and mindsets that will build health and openness in your emotional and physical heart space. Of course, your participation will affect your health in a positive way but it will also strengthen a culture of health knowledge that will extend out to the other people in your life and in our community. The physical practice will explore essential elements of twisting and side bending as well as back and forward bending of the spine. For the mental and emotional body, each class will offer a seed question, fact or skill to take home and play with during the week.

This series incorporates concepts from Yoga philosophy, Ayurveda and modern medicine. Physical openness in the spine and ribcage correlates to maintaining spacious breathing patterns, spacious breathing settles the nervous system. When the mind is calm and the nervous system is settled the tissues of the body can release some of the tension they hold, this gives us room to expand. Forrest Yoga is superb for teaching you how to: Create intentional unwinding to your neck and shoulders Tend to the health of your body and posture as you age Utilize your breath and focus to bring your attention into your body, where you can use them as tools for both letting go and building strength Expect a warm class with abdominal exercises, sun salutations and longer holds in standing poses.

Create precise and easeful effort within deep, playful poses. *this class is for mixed levels of ability however not recommended for the brand new beginner or for someone with a lot of body limitations. If you are a beginner or your have more body limitations I offer other classes that will serve you in a more specific and nurturing way.

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