Weekly (Saturday) 8-Ball Tournament at Sargent's Ranch Inn

Addresse2440 N Highway 89
AtSargent's Ranch Inn 2
CountyLewis (NY2975)
2440 N Highway 89
Sargent's Ranch Inn 2
Lewis (NY2975)
Tel 2017-12-09
Categoria Events
Weekly (Saturday) 8-Ball Tournament at Sargent

SARGENT'S RANCH INN WEEKLY 8 BALL POOL TOURNAMENT – SATURDAY NIGHT AT 7:00 PM - BCA RULES. $10 player entry, bar matches $7 ($1 for top lady, $1 for Break and Run pot, $5 for tournament), Field Limited to 32 players. Race to 2, Double Elimination, BCA 8 Ball rules in use. Food specials, drinks, big screen tvs to watch sports, and Keith to provide entertainment. (after a few Bud Lights…) 8 BALL BREAK AND RUN RULES BCA 8 Ball rules for pot attempt apply. Break and run will be conducted on center table (table 2) when tournament is played. Keith or Jackie will rack and ref the pot attempts. Players may inspect rack and ask to be re-racked if balls roll off or are not tightly racked. One shot to attempt, must make legal break to continue. If no balls are pocketed, miscue or scratch on break ends turn.

8 Ball on break does not count, but will be spotted, NO RERACK on pot attempts. 1st miss or foul ends run. Sargent’s Ranch Inn will start the run out pot with $50 the first week. Each week tournament is played, they will add $1 per player to the pot. If pot reaches $500.00, it will be cut off and a new pot started. If someone hits the $500.00 pot, then the second pot will be added in to the first pot up to $500.00. This rule goes into effect on February 11, 2017. Each player must also put $1 into pot prior to tournament starting to be eligible for run out attempt. The top three players will be allowed to attempt run out pot only if they entered. If a player who did not enter pot places in the top three, they will not be eligible to try and that place is not passed to another player.

Once the first tournament game has started, entry to the pot will be closed. NO LATE ENTRIES TO RUN POT ALLOWED. Payout for Run pot will be as follows: 1st place will play for 50% of total pot. 2nd place will play for 25% of total remaining pot. 3rd place will play for 12.5% of total remaining pot. If the top 2 split 1st & 2nd, both players will only get a chance at 25% of the run pot. The player that went undefeated will go first. If top lady ties, they will play off to determine spot. Top Lady, with 3 or more Lady entrants, will play for 12.5% of remaining pot, with 5 or more it will be 25% of remaining pot. Top Lady run out will be after the top 3 from the tournament. 8 BALL BREAK PRIZE All players who enter into the run out pot will be eligible for the 8 Ball Break pot too.

Each 8 Ball Break made will be awarded $5 from the run out pot (one payout per night per player). If you scratch, you lose the 8 Ball Break prize. ROAD PLAYER RULE The pot could over time become large. Those players who have not participated in supporting the tournament on a regular basis will not be allowed to play in the run out pot. This is intended to be a perk for those players who regularly support this tournament. Eligibility for run out pot will be determined by Keith and Jackie. Any additional questions will be determined on site by Keith and Jackie.

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