Warrior to Soulmate Marriage Retreat

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Warrior to Soulmate Marriage Retreat

Getting It Back with W2SM How do you reclaim your relationship after combat deployment? Someone in your family has been deployed downrange. You've made it through the deployment ( s) and everyone is back home. Yet, something has changed. The spouse who has gone to war and returned may have wounds which have not healed-physical, emotional, spiritual. The one who has been in charge of the entire home front operation needs support and understanding and relief from his or her own stress. Family and friends mean well as they try to offer support but they just can't understand what you are going through. What do you do? How do you do it?  The Central Alabama VA Medical Center sponsors several marriage enrichment retreat weekends each year to help you answer those two questions.

The retreats, entitled, “W2SM: Warrior to Soul Mate are designed to help you develop healthy ways of interacting and relating with one another so you can get back what combat and lengthy deployments have taken away.  The program includes topics such as Constructive Conflict Resolution, Emotional Literacy, and Communication and Intimacy in Stressful Situations.  It will be facilitated by experts acknowledged for their success in guiding couples and families like you to a healthier way of living and loving. The vision is that introducing this curriculum to Veterans in the CAVHCS area can provide some preventative measure to divorce/separation, increase confidence in communication among couples, decrease stress, and to overall increase the quality of family life.
*This event is for eligible Veterans and thier spouses only.  **Please note: application does not guarantee acceptance. Couples must be screened and accepted by program staff.    .

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