WarHammer 40K: Death Race!

Addresse435 E 3rd St
AtMr Sweets Games & Candy
CountyDelaware (NY2963)
435 E 3rd St
Mr Sweets Games & Candy
Delaware (NY2963)
Tel 2018-01-20
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WarHammer 40K: Death Race!

The Table Raiders 40K Death Race. Same rules as last time: Any flyer, skimmer or monstorous flying creature may participate but all will behave as skimmers. Snap shots only. Last man standing or first to cross the finish line wins. Map Size 2' x 18' Maximume 12 players 5 Rounds 3 Players Per Round 5th Round is Finalist Round Winning Condition: Last Man Standing or First Person to cross the finish line. Modified Rules: - Half max move mandatory - No "Ignores Cover Weapons" Abilities - FMC's Take Grounding Tests - Skimmers, FMCs & Flyers Only - One unit only up to 200 points and treated as skimmers - No Flying Over Buildings or Obsticles - Snap Fire Attacks Only - Unit is considered DEAD if you cross over map edges - Sideswipe Opponent Maximum 2" - Players in last place go first each game turn All Rules Subject to change

There is no more snap shots in this edition.


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