VisTa Tech Those #12 (Sub Appreciation Night)

Addresse18600 Haggerty Rd
AtSchoolcraft College, VisTaTech Bldg., DiPonio Room
CountyLivingston (NY2976)
18600 Haggerty Rd
Schoolcraft College, VisTaTech Bldg., DiPonio Room
Livingston (NY2976)
Tel 2017-12-18
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VisTa Tech Those #12 (Sub Appreciation Night)

The 2nd annual GooshiGaming Sub Appreciation Night/Food + Toy Drive is happening. This event is STILL OPEN TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC. I'd just like to thank my subscribers for their continued support throughout the past few years. For the first 10 CURRENT subs that arrive, they will be presented with a $5 Mod's Gift Card, along with their will be a variety of Mod's Pizzas and beverages for Subs to enjoy. To also get into the Holiday spirit, for every every two (2) food and/or toy items you bring in, you will lower your venue fee by $1 (aka 10 items will give you free venue.) This discount is for everyone, not exclusively for subscribers. For suggestions of food to donate, here is a helpful suggestion guide. Another incentive for people is if you subscribe to the GooshiGaming Twitch Channel THAT DAY (and have proof that you did), you will gain free venue into that day's tourney.

Contact: Dakota Minda (Gooshi) - 734-516-9927 Shamus Carey (Attomi) - 248-514-6460 ------------------------------------------------------------ Location: VisTaTech Center (all the way back and down in the basement.) Picture of where the entry is and parking: ------------------------------------------------------------ Schedule: 6:00PM - Doors Open, Setup begins, Check-in starts 6:30PM - Registration begins 7:00 PM - Smash4 Bracket Begins 7:30 PM - Melee Bracket Begins 10:00-11:00 PM - Event ends / Tear Down / Leave ------------------------------------------------------------ Smash 4 Streamed by GooshiGaming on: Then uploaded to: Bracket is updated live at Recorded matches will be added to the bracket after they're uploaded ------------------------------------------------------------ Prices • Venue - $5* (WiiU / Monitor / Official Adaptor) • Singles - $5 Typical Tourney Payouts which are listed here: - We will round up/down payments to make all payouts rounded to the closest $5 *Venue fee can be reimbursed if a player supplys a full setup and it remains at the venue until the end of the event.

------------------------------------------------------------ Rules for Smash 4 Singles: • New Smash 4 Recommended Ruleset - - Additional rules that aren't universal can be found at the bottom of this description. • 2 Stock, 6 Minutes • Guest Miis with 1111 moveset are legal • Customs off • Equipment Banned • Double Elimination ---------- Stage List Starter Stages Battlefield* Final Destination** Lylat Cruise Smashville Town & City Counterpick Stages Dream Land 64* Omega Stages** * Treated as Battlefield in striking phase. If Battlefield is struck, Dream Land 64 is also struck and vice-versa. ** Treated as Final Destination in striking phase. If Final Destination is struck, Omega Stages are struck and vice versa.

You may only choose the following Omega Stages: Paluntea's Temple, Suzaku Castle and Wily Castle. Additional Rules: - Water/bathroom breaks will not be allowed DURING sets. Please handle such actions before or after your set, there is no reason to disrupt your opponent since such break can be determental to one's momentum. Having a water bottle is fine, of course, but no one is allowed to leave their station during a set. Leaving during a set will be a forfeit of the one (1) game. Mulitple cases can lead to a forfeit of a set. - For weeklies that do contain 3 games (such as Smash 4, Melee, and RoA), you can only enter 2 of the 3 games to help elevate bottlenecking.

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