Violeta Pageantry presents Cupid's Cuties: All-Natural

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Violeta Pageantry presents Cupid

****TO REGISTER**** *complete registration form - *send $25 deposit to, or *email photogenic photo to Registration: 9 - 10am Pageant starts at 10am ​ PRICE: ***all inclusive*** $45 - early bird until December 1st $60 - December 2nd until January 25th ** late registrations may be taken after 1/25/18 for a $25 late fee, depending on if prizes are able to be obtained **$25 deposit due at time of registration ​ DISCOUNTS: Sibling - $45 for each sibling Pay in Full - $5 off New Referral - $5 off CATEGORIES OF COMPETITION Beauty - This is where the child's inner beauty should shine. Judged on first impression, confidence, poise, overall appearance (how hair, attire, and accessories compliment contestant), and on stage interview question (for 0-6 mini division, interview may be performed but will not be scored.) Judged on how well each is done relative to age.

Not judged based on expense put into styling or custom attire. Attire is Sunday best to any pageant attire. Although we are a natural pageant system, we do not want our pageants to be a financial burden and so semi-glitz and glitz dresses are accepted, as long as the contestant has the understanding that expense and intricacy will not affect scores. We will be focusing on fit and how well the attire complements the contestant. We are, however, sticking with natural styling of contestants - no artificial tanning, hair pieces, or flippers. Contestants should look conservative and age appropriate. No midriff showing. No make-up on contestants under 7. Make-up must be light and age appropriate, only complementing the contestants natural beauty. Points will be deducted for non-natural looking styling of contestants, including excessive make-up (not appropriate to age).

There will be 6 X's on the stage (3 in the front and 3 in the back), but these are only a guide for those need them. Contestants do not need to hit each X, but they are encouraged to utilize the full stage area. Contestants should appear polished for age. Music will be provided. There will be a division beauty queen/king per age group and runner ups. If a child’s name is not called in his or her division, then he or she has pulled for a supreme title and will be called back to the stage at a later time. Theme – Cupid's Cuties. This can be anything that represents Love/Valentine's Day. Theme will be a done a little bit differently than it has in the past. All age group contestants will line up together on the stage, similar to beauty line up. All contestants will receive from the judges a score on first impression only.

This will be added to the beauty score to determine overall scores. ​ ***If a contestant is late, they will still be allowed to compete without penalty to scoring but we will not make their division wait for them. This is to be respectful of contestants who are timely, as we know many of you are working around nap times, work schedules, and other obligations. SIDE AWARDS Side awards are awarded by age division and will be judged during beauty line up. Side award supremes will also be awarded , with girls and boys competing separately. Best Personality -Awarded to the contestant in each ae division who displays best stage presence, energy, and radiates genuine joy. Best Smile -Awarded to the contestant in each age division that has the most natural, genuine smile.

Best Hair - Awarded to the contestant in each age division whose hair is styled most complimentary for entire look and is styled neatly. Hair should appear relatively natural; no hair pieces are to be used. Best Dressed - Awarded to the contestant in each age division whose attire is the most complimentary to contestant through color, fit and age appropriateness. Is not based on whether outfit is custom or expensive. Photogenic - Headshot photo judged on first impression, photogenic appeal, facial beauty. Snapshots or professional photos are welcome. Photo is not judged based on quality or clarity of camera, but rather quality of modeling by contestant. One (1) photo must be e-mailed to by 1/25/18, as this will be judged prior to the pageant with the winners announced at the pageant.

TITLES Division Alternate Division Queen/King Grand Supreme – Second highest score per mini division. Will only be awarded if 10 or more contestants in a mini division. Second highest title with up to 3 winners. Ultimate Grand Supreme - Highest score per mini division. Highest title of pageant with up to 3 winners. ​ OPTIONAL EVENTS People's Choice Queen/King - Awarded to the contestant with the most votes. Votes can be purchased for $1 per vote, with no limit of votes. Winner will receive a sash, larger trophy, and crown. Charity Queen/King – Awarded to the contestant who best supports the charity of choice for each pageant. Winner will receive a sash, larger trophy, and crown. This will be judged based on how many items have been collected and the quality of items collected. Jackpots - For those who want a chane to win some CASH, we will have optional jackpots you may enter. There will be a 50% pay out per EACH mini division. Categories are: Beauty, Theme, Natural Photogenic, and Glitz Photogenic. You may enter both photogenics, regardless of which you are competing in. Jackpots are $10 each. ​ CHARITY SUPPORT More information to be announced. ​

this event will be held at the comfort inn and suites in wadsworth ohio. here are our group room rates. just let them know you're with Violeta Pageantry. there will be a dressing room too, but the hotel has an amazing pool, hot tub, and splash pad for the kids ... definitely worth staying for.

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