Unpacking the Structure- Exploring Your Enneagram Story

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Unpacking the Structure- Exploring Your Enneagram Story

Category: ENNEAGRAM, CONTEMPLATION Facilitated by Leslie Hershberger Now that you know your Enneagram patterns and primary center and its function (head/perceiving; heart/doing; body/feeling-instinctive), what's the next step? Reality looks different based on your Enneagram style. Eights report a world of potential conflicts and injustices that must be managed and controlled while Ones report a world of error that must be corrected. Each type's view of reality is subjectively true, but partial. In this series we unpack your structure. How did we get this way? Why was this type the one we unconsciously "chose" in early life as a way to adapt and protect ourselves from the inevitable slings and arrows of being human? We will explore your Enneagram story and unpack how it developed from your childhood.

We then look at the core elements of your type and reflect on how they show up in your daily life. The primary elements include: Your core idealization Your core avoidance Your primary defense mechanism For example, a Two's idealization is "I am helpful" and his/her avoidance is "My own needs," so the defense mechanism that holds this structure together is called repression. The Two's needs are simply out of awareness as they have few neurological tracks in their brains for seeing their needs. Thus, it's really challenging for a Twos to get their needs met when others' needs cloud their viewscreen. We will also learn how to develop an Inner Observer along with 3 Centered Inner Practices that we can use when emotions run high and receptivity shuts down.
Expect teachings, panels, partner exercises, Enneagram type breakout groups and time for discussion. It's always helpful to hear people of your own Type who share your perspective but even more revealing to hear from others who may share the type of someone in your life. You realize how deeply hardwired these idealizations, avoidances and defense mechanisms are in our systems. As you see how much of yours and others' reality is conditioned by your story and the core elements of your Enneagram patterns, you develop a better understanding of the power of both social and type conditioning. Leslie Hershberger is a leading teacher of the Enneagram and a skilled facilitator, consultant and coach who's work spans the U.S and Europe. She's on the board of the International Enneagram Association and she's known not only for her unique interventions in team dynamics, but also for her humor and insightful facilitation of Enneagram panels.
She's a huge fan of the work of The Hive and is excited to join us for this dive into the Enneagram. Leslie is one of the Hive's Core Facilitators..

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