Triple Your Productivity with Tammuz Debnov

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Triple Your Productivity with Tammuz Debnov

I'm sure you've said it... "There's just not enough time in the day. "   The fact of the matter is, you have the same 24 hours that everyone else has.   Some people just seem to get so much more done in that same 24 hours. Our Guest Speaker, Tammuz Dubnov is one of those people.   He runs 2 tech startups at the same time and has a process called "SELF AUGMENTATION" that allows him to effectively TRIPLE his productivity.   About the Speaker: Tammuz Dubnov attended UC Berkeley where he studied theoretical mathematics, computer science, and dance. He graduated with honors at the age of 18 and spent the next two years working as a highly sought-after performer in the Dance and Cirque space. By the age of 20, Tammuz combined his technical expertise with his passion for live entertainment to create Zuzor - an experiential technology company.

Tammuz further combined his technical expertise with his passions to create Scriptonomics - an artificial intelligence process that adds a data-driven approach to the creative elements of storytelling, Scriptonomics can improve the studio side development process while also empowering filmmakers with a new technology tool to refine and enhance their creativity. Tammuz is considered to be one of the youngest Thought Leaders in the field, having spoken at events in Mexico, France, China, Japan, as well as throughout the United States. Born and raised in Israel, Tammuz is also passionate about contributing to his local Israeli and Jewish community and serves as a mentor to high-school programs. He is actively pursuing his master's degree in Artificial Intelligence at UC San Diego to prepare for the future where engagement and AI work hand in hand to create a more significant impact..

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