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AtHanover County, Virginia
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Hanover County, Virginia
Greene (NY2970)
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Trauma Med 1

Trauma medicine is one of the most important skill sets any armed citizen or Leo can possess and is very often overlooked. What I have organized is a one day training event instructed by a critical care nurse RN/ Army flight medic that will cover how to properly apply a tourniquet, pressure bandage, chest seals, Airways and how to get the patient ready to move. All of this will be done in a classroom setting with plenty of Hands-On practice and then we will take it on the Range where we will set up scenarios that will require you to engage and neutralize threat targets and then reengage as you attempt to render Aid to the patient all while the instructor mixes it up and creates new problems for you to solve. (this class is open to all and can be completed without firearms) All medical gear for this class will be provided.

But bring your own gear if you like. Cost $100 Gear list Notepad Lunch and drinks Eye/ear protection Pistol or rifle and 50 rounds Dress for the weather

Looks like a great time and valuable training. Lesson number 1; fire superiority is the best medicine available. I won't be able to make it to this but I'm facebook stalking you guys and watching your schedule. Definitely want to come out and say hello at some point.
If this is the first event you're attending withtraining group message me for address and other details and I look forward to seeing you out there
Whats the address for the Med 1 class?

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