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Transformational Resilience Workshop

The Transformational Resilience (TR) workshop is designed to help organizational and community leaders learn neuroscience-based information and psychological and psycho-social-spiritual resilience building skills. The information and skills are designed to help individuals, groups, and communities increase their capacity to constructively cope with, and turn climate events (such as forest fires or earthquakes), and other adversities, into catalysts to increase personal and collective wellbeing.   The TR program emphasizes learning information, skills, and tools that help people use adversity as a transformational catalyst for personal and collective growth. Research and ample experience show that, rather than "bouncing back" to pre-crisis conditions (the traditional concept of resilience), the most resilient people use crises as opportunities to learn, grow, and find new positive sources of meaning, direction, and hope in their lives.

This is important because it is not always possible to return to pre-crisis conditions. The training will challenge attendees to look at adverse climate events as well as other adversities faced in life.  Participants in the TR workshop should be prepared for an intensive experience. They will learn information and skills and then break into small groups to teach them to others, receive constructive feedback, and incorporate the information in additional rounds of teaching and feedback. They will also be given a brief practice assignment to complete on the first night of the training.  This workshop is based on the work of Dr. Bob Doppelt, International Transformational Resilience Coalition, and Elaine Miller-Karas, Community Resiliency Model (CRM). Topics covered in the workshop include the Resilient Growth Model which focuses on developing “presencing” and “purposing” skills as well as nervous system tracking, grounding, and resourcing.  Participants will be asked to first learn, then practice, then teach skills in partnered and small group work.
This workshop will be a safe space of engagement and sharing but only to the degree which participants choose to engage and share.  FAQs Please read the FAQs before reaching out to the organizer. If your question is answered via the below information you will be directed back to this page.  How long is the workshop? The workshop will be held over a two-day period. Please only register for the workshop if you are able to fully attend both days. The workshop will be held both days from 8:30am – 4:30pm.  Is food provided? Light snacks and coffee will be provided both days of the workshop. Attendees are responsible for their own lunch and will be given around 1-hour both days for lunch. Attendees are welcome to bring a sack lunch or get lunch out during the break.  Are print materials provided?  Worksheets and a packet of workshop information will be provided to attendees.
However, in order to be resource and environmentally conscious, the workshop slides will not be provided in print. Please bring paper and pen/pencil to keep notes as you desire. .

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