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Transformation Therapy Training -Summer 2019

Transformation Therapy Training, TTT with Maria.   Here is a testimony from one of last years program graduate- "I thoroughly enjoyed training with Maria and an intimate group, learning the Transformation Therapy Technique.  As I've grown accustomed to using my intuition when working with clients, friends and family, I found this course refreshingly practical, as we learned specific strategies and techniques to help aid clients in releasing limiting beliefs...while getting to the root causes of any issues.  I also appreciated the discipline of documenting sessions, as that practice reinforced 'the learning'. The techniques not only continue to benefit others, they have been an amazing impetus for my own well-being and personal growth.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone who feels the desire to help others and themselves navigate the journey of life towards a more sustained state of healing and inner peace." (Julie)  Some coaching, psychology, and ministerial programs teach only intellectual practices.

They teach formulas and theory. But a true healing therapy session is all about being able to be in your heart and meet your client from that space.  After 20 years of doing individual soul readings and counseling people, I’ve become confident and effective at helping people improve their lives. But I didn’t always feel that way.  When I completed my masters and then my PhD, respectfully in psychology and meta-physics, I had little confidence that I could effectively counsel and guide people. I learned the information, and I had faith that I could be helpful, but working with clients one on one was completely new to me. For many of my first years I struggled with confidence, yet my heart was directing me to work with people on a spiritual level so I kept at it.  Slowly with each new session I learned to work with my clients from a soulful, heart centered place, where you open the opportunity for true, lasting transformation.
And that’s what people desire: real change.  Wouldn’t you LOVE to be able to facilitate people in making real changes and lasting healing? When you learn to get yourself out of the way, you can help people transform their lives. Learn how to be a profoundly healing presence in every interaction and relationship. Whether you’re already a licensed therapist, counselor, healer, practitioner, teacher, minister or still studying, this intensive training will assist you to increase your feelings of confidence and your success in working with clients. All Healing Is Spiritual Healing  It took me years to develop a method that is truly healing, that allows me to come from a heart centered place when working with people.  Using this TTT method, I’ve been blessed to support my clients in moving out of pain, into living miraculous lives and making their dreams come true.  Transformation Therapy Training program is a multi-layered, thorough and profoundly deep, training for those who would like to become masterful at Life & Spiritual Coaching, as well as expanding your own personal growth.  This includes opening up and expanding your intuition, healing your life, and becoming truly masterful.
For most of us this is something we achieve over many years of deep inner work, training and study. With this program, I help you speed up the process so you can be truly helpful to others sooner. Transformation Therapy Training is a 3-day, 25 hour program held in Waverly, Iowa. (Location TBA) Offered for the first time ever July 2017. If you have trained as an Angel Decoding Practitioner, TTT will enhance your work, yet is a completely separate program complementary to intuitive practice, as well as life coaching.  Because this work is so profoundly life-changing, I've found it very effective to incorporate a variety of activities into three class days, and to include homework and practice to support continued spiritual growth. Because we’re a small, intimate group, you’ll get plenty of individual attention and assistance.
You will love the ability to focus on different aspects of therapy work to give you a solid foundation on all levels.  Part of the training will be lecture, balanced with time spent in group including one on one interactions, allowing for real-time application, insight and improvement.  You’ll become familiar with various exercises and practical tips, strategies & tools to immediately get results and increase the effectiveness of your work with your future clients.  This training is deeply transformative for you -the participant, and what you learn and apply in this intensive training will benefit everyone in your life. What is Transformation Therapy? In a nutshell; TTT Spiritual practitioner offers coaching/therapy sessions similar to a traditional therapist.
In the session, therapists work with individuals to set a strong intention for healing, personal growth and clarity. Sessions include strategies for release of limiting beliefs and painful experiences. Rather than focusing on the past, we support individuals in being clear about their desires and soul purpose. TTT focuses on healing and changes for: life, relationships, body, finances, creativity, career and more.  TTT amplifies Individualized support by identifying the root causes of issues in one's life. Healing the root cause of all issues, and discovering what’s needed emotionally, spiritually and mentally, is transformational, offering relief and miraculous results.  Believe you can live the life you desire.  Believe you can live a truly miraculous life.  Miracles happen when two or more are gathered in the name of Love.  Love is our true nature, and Love heals all wounds.  Tuition and class manual total: $444.   (Lodging & meals are not included in tuition, lodging if needed can be secured at CobbleStone Inn in Waverly, Iowa.) Our work is trans-denominational, and is beyond the realm of religion. All faiths are welcomed. Feel free to call Maria at 319-352-5360 to discuss any questions you may have, or simply to explore if Spiritual Therapy Intensive is right for you.  Scholarship available, personal message Maria....

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