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Train for 10 Centimeters

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT EXPIRES OCTOBER 17TH. TRAIN: If someone trains you to do something, they teach you the skills that you need in order to do it. If you train to do something, you learn the skills that you need in order to do it. -Collins Dictionary To prepare someone or be prepared for a job, activity or sport by learning skills or by mental or physical activities. -Cambridge Dictionary  This empowering training will cover the most important highlights of what you need to know to train for your 10 centimeter game day. Our training staff is ready to train you in the skills you need to create a better birthing experience. Our team speakers consist of a midwife, a prenatal chiropractor, a doula, a childbirth educator and a lactation consultant.  This team will be sharing their professional expertise on your birth and postpartum options in the state of Texas to prepare you mentally, and physically for your birth game day.Location: Lake Arlington Lake House6021 West Arkansas Lane Arlington, Texas 76016 HOW DO I ACHIEVE YOUR DESIRED BIRTH EXPERIENCE?COMMIT TO TRAIN FOR 10 CENTIMETERS TODAY.

Saturday, November 2nd 9:00AM-5:00PMRegistration: $49.00 per personIncludes Lunch, Snacks, Water EARLY BIRD COUPLE SPECIAL UNTIL OCTOBER 17TH.  Professional Birth Training Team: Traci Santangelo CNM, IBCLCBirth Pointe Midwifery Dr Kenyon Godwin, DCActive Family Wellness Center Nikia Lawson CD(DONA)The Natural Way Birthing Project Krisha Crosley CD(DONA), BBCDSerenity Life Doula This training is perfect for couples who are thinking about starting a family, who are already expecting or for those who would like a better outcome for their next birthing experience.  Moms, dads  and support people are encouraged to attend. You will learn about your birth and postpartum options in the state of Texas. Some of the most common questions that will be covered are:How do I chose a healthcare provider?How do I chose my birthing environment?How do I have a drug free, all natural birth?How do I avoid a traumatic birth experience?How do I avoid a unnecessary cesarean?What should I be eating during pregnancy?Is it ok to exercise during pregnancy? How does chiropractic care reduce labor hours? How can a doula help me in labor? Can I eat my placenta?What happens to a my body after I give birth? How can I take care of my baby?How do I baby wear my baby safely?What is belly binding?Is it ok to use essential oils during pregnancy, birth and postpartum?Does breastfeeding hurt?What if I have low milk supply?Do I have to vaccinate my baby?All these questions and much, much more will be answered at this training.
Bring your questions with you. This will be an interactive training event. You will learn to ask questions to better your birthing experience.   You are here to train for 10 centimeters. Healthy Mommy, Healthy Baby, Labor On. HOW DO I AVOID An UNNECESSARY CESAREAN?COMMIT TO TRAIN FOR 10 CENTIMETERS TODAY. Saturday, November 2nd 9:00AM-5:00PMRegistration: $49.00 per personIncludes Lunch, Snacks, Water EARLY BIRD COUPLE SPECIAL UNTIL OCTOBER 17TH.  The more knowledge you have on a subject the better decision you will make about that subject. This is your body, your birth and your baby.  This training will empower you and your partner to be the captain of your birth and teach you the skills you will need to know to lead your team. Knowledge is power. You don’t get rematches in birth.  Make it the best game day of your life.
 Be prepared for a FULL day of training. Wear comfortable clothing, walking shoes to train. You will receive special training gear for attending and prizes will be awarded. Along with the immense knowledge you will receive, you will train to endure birth by specific movements and stretching. Your water intake will increase, healthy yummy food will be provided and you will be given plenty of restroom breaks. We want you crossing the finish line at the end of your game day with a oxytocin glowing high, feeling very accomplished with your beautiful reward and sharing your totally awesome experience with all. HOW I HAVE A DRUG FREE, ALL NATURAL BIRTH?COMMIT TO TRAIN FOR 10 CENTIMETERS TODAY. Saturday, November 2nd 9:00AM-5:00PMRegistration: $49.00 per personIncludes Lunch, Snacks, Water  EARLY BIRD COUPLE SPECIAL UNTIL OCTOBER 17TH.
Healthy Mommy, Healthy Baby, Labor On. ************************************************************************This event is photographed by a professional photographer: KE Documentary.************************************************************************ Train for 10 Centimeters TESTIMONIALS: “As a man I feel that I am able to handle any situation life throws at me. This was no different with family planning. When my wife & I decided to start a family I felt as if I already knew how to be a father, and that there wasn’t much that I could gain from birthing classes, information seminars & other resources for expecting parents. MAN WAS I WRONG… While most of the information does speak specifically to mothers, there are tips & techniques that provide fathers the confidence needed to give the necessary support to our significant others while birthing our children.
I will admit that initially I felt they were a waste of time, but in attending birthing classes not only did I gain confidence in myself handing the unknowns of child birth, but I also increased the confidence of my wife, as this experience has clearly pushed her to her limits. As men we take pride in being fixers, but during child birth we are limited in our abilities to ease the discomfort of our loved ones. Learning how, when, & what to do in order to be the rock that our women need, is priceless, and I am so glad I invested in learning.” -Brandon M.Arlington, Texas “Everybody was so knowledgeable and their level of experience and expertise is palpable. It was awesome to see the teamwork from all these professionals and their passion towards helping others. I do recommend all the classes…not only this one. Priceless. ” -Frances C. “Enjoyed, learned, empowered, feel confident, worth time and money. Krisha and her team are the best.” -Jessica P. “As a first time dad, it was great information to be taught how to help my wife.” -Jordan “As a husband it is empowering to know how to properly support my wife in our endeavor.” -Rigoberto “For a first time mom like me. This training is very helpful. My fears is lessen. I am more confident. I would recommend to my friends expecting mom. Educate yourself. All the organizers and speakers done a very great job. ” -Isabel B..

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