Thursday March 14 Parent Program on How to Have Devices Not Be Divisive

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"How to Make Devices Not Divisive: A Screen-Time Workshop", presented by Kim John Payne, M.Ed., will cover how to maintain loving limits and discipline around screen-time and media; help our kids to build good judgment so they do not become overwhelmed with media; navigate the peer-pressure and the status symbol of devices; help kids understand the differences between “Aloneness” and “Loneliness” in a world that is always connected.  This workshop is relevant for parents of children of all ages. About our Presenter: An Australian, Kim John Payne has, for 25 years, worked throughout the world as a counselor, consultant/researcher and educator. The author of many books, including the #1 best-selling parenting book Simplicity Parenting, he has been helping families and educators explore issues such as social difficulties with classmates, attention and behavioral issues at home and school, and emotional issues like defiance, aggression and low self-esteem.

Soon to be published: The Simplified Classroom..

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