The Wellness Way Approach to Inflammation

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The Wellness Way Approach to Inflammation

Why do we ask people to start at the Inflammation Talk, instead of going right to booking an initial consult?Great question. Most business models wouldn't waste time educating people, in depth, about the industry. Time equals money. Instead, the goal is to get people to buy a service or product, and then rely on that product (think drug commercials, with their rapid rate of side effects at the end of the commercial). But we're different.Our business model RELIES on our patients being successful with their health, without relying on a substance/medication/supplement. We don't want you to subscribe to a monthly shake or magic pills. We want to put the control of your health back in YOUR hands. But this lifestyle, in turn, takes dedication. We want to educate people about what that means.

If your food sensitivities test comes back and says cheese is causing inflammation in your gut, then we want only those people who are serious about their health and willing to cut out cheese and seek alternatives, to schedule an initial consult. Because the success of The Wellness Way is, and always has been, that it works. It's life changing, making people healthier and taking money out of quick fad diets and Big Pharma's pockets. The more educated a person is about their health, the less medication and supplements they're on, the better results they'll get and the more people will recommend The Wellness Way Approach. THAT is our business model. We're not here to make you reliant on any one product. So we want to reward anyone who comes to our Inflammation Talks by giving them a $290 credit to their account, if they schedule an initial consult that night.
We want only those people who are serious about changing their health for the better. Are you ready to take the leap, towards better and controlled health?Come join us, on Monday, April 30th at 6:30pm, to find out what The Wellness Way is all about.  You won't be sold any gimmicks, you won't be pressured to buy anything, all we ask is that you come with an open mind and give us an hour of your time.  Once you find out what's causing you illness, weight gain, foggy brain, etc, it's up to you to change your life.  Let us be there for the journey....

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