The True (and Proven) Path to Happiness

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The True (and Proven) Path to Happiness

What is happiness? Do I really need to be happy all the time?  Although happiness is trendy today, NOBODY BUT YOU CAN REALLY KNOW WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY,  isn't it true? They all tell us: We need to be happy Let me tell you how to be happy I will show you the way to happiness This workshop will offer you a set of tools that will make it possible for you to GET TO KNOW and UNDERSTAND YOURSELF so you can really define what happiness means to you and how to reach it You will also receive a complete PRACTICAL TOOLBOX that will help you move in that direction. Then, ✔︎ Would you like to start really understanding human beings, the human being that you are and the human beings      that others are?✔︎ Would you also like to understand the reality around you and your relationship with it? Only by doing that will you be able to define and reach your own personal happiness This workshop will...

Teach you the basics of all human beings Give you the practical tools that you need to take control of your life and your reality  Help you understand how you pursue happiness, which are your basic human needs and how all that affects you Help you understand how you create your own reality consciously and unconsciously  Help you be aware of your thoughts, so you can better control and manage them Este taller te brinda teoría y práctica de tal manera que te lleves todo lo necesario para dar el salto cuántico que buscas en tu desarrollo y crecimiento personal y a fin de que puedas actuar como catalizador en las vidas de otros seres humanos. This workshop offers you both, the theory and the practical tools so that you can take the quantum leap you need in your personal development and act as a catalyst in the lives of others.
Discover everything that YOU CAN DO to define and reach your own happiness.About the facilitator:Jessica J. LockhartPioneer and developer of Humanology as a discipline, Optimism Coaching® and Personal Essence® among others, Jessica J. Lockhart designed several models to help human beings foster and facilitate their growth and development. She has also written several books on humanology, optimism coaching and personal development coaching.Jessica J. Lockhart worked as a teacher, simultaneous interpreter and translator for many years and is today devoted to helping other human beings reach their full potential in all fields of life. She has published several books: The Optimist in You. Coaching for You. What Story do You Tell Yourself?She was recently recognized and awarded as one of the Best 100 Global Coaching Leaders in the World by CHRO Asia en 2017 and selected Coach of the month of June by the Expat Coach Association.
JLockhart participates in different international events as a professional speaker, regularly contributes to several online magazines, journals and platforms and is married and has two children.

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