The Second Annual Voice of Blockchain

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The Second Annual Voice of Blockchain

Chicago’s Second Annual VOICE OF BLOCKCHAIN SEPTEMBER 30TH & OCTOBER 1ST The biggest blockchain & crypto event in the midwest. Event Website: WHAT IS VOICE OF BLOCKCHAIN? Voice of Blockchain was created in 2018 by the Chicago Blockchain Project community. It is designed to drive adoption of blockchain & cryptoassets with a primary goal of educating stakeholders on the benefits of the technology in an ethical and inclusive manner. These stakeholders include the buyers, investors, and the builders of systems that distribute trust. It also includes society as a whole as we aim to promote viable and sustainable solutions to the worlds greatest challenges. A PRINCIPLES FIRST APPROACH Make Decisions which Build TrustDiversity Is Not an AfterthoughtCurate a Unique Learning Experience MAY 15TH Speaker Applications Due JUNE 1ST Speaker Selections Announced JUNE 10TH $10 Weekly Ticket Increases Begin AUGUST 16TH Corporate Ticket Packages End SEPTEMBER 30TH Voice of Blockchain Begins Three Primary & Two Secondary Tracks of Presentations, Keynotes, Workshops, and Fireside Chats Designed to Create Unique Learning Experiences and High-Value Interactions.

Corporate & Enterprise: A Full Life Cycle Story Institutional Asset Management: Considerations for a Cryptoasset Portfolio Startups & Entrepreneurs: Building a Decentralized Future Adoption & Impact: Driving Mass Adoption & Impact Identity & Governance: Sovereign Individuals & Orgnanizations Track 1 // Corporations & Enterprise: A Full Life Cycle Story Hear six full life cycle stories from those who have implemented solutions in industries Chicago is known for. Topics include: data integrity and compliance, maximizing efficiency and automation in multiple stakeholder consortia, and new business models ready to disrupt the industry. We proactively engage buy side enterprises to curate relevant information and high value conversations. Find use cases that apply to your industry and learn how to architect, design, implement, develop, hire, and support real-world solutions.
Manufacturing * Healthcare * Advertising * Logistics * Real Estate * Insurance Track 2 // Institutional Asset Management: Considerations for a Cryptoasset Portfolio Chicago has a strong legacy in the financial markets. It is a recognized world leader having evolved equity and futures markets through technology. Voice of Blockchain connects the ecosystem of technology builders, money managers, and wealth managers in a way that positions attendees to create an unparalleled learning experience. We directly engage our sponsors to find the industries best potential speakers and attendees. Custody * Exchanges * Wealth Management * Venture Capital * Hedge Funds * Payments Track 3 // Startups & Developers: Building an Open and Decentralized Future Entrepreneurs are looking for funding, clients, exposure, and the tools needed to successfully build a company or organization.
To accomplish this we invite investment and media partners to improve their networking experience. Our content is carefully designed to equip them with cutting edge information on the current state of decentralized networks, progress in systems design, and insight into the convergence of artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and blockchain. Lightning * Decentralization * Interoperability * Non-Fungible Tokens * Convergence Track 4 // Startups & Developers: Building an Open and Decentralized Future Artists show us how the world could be. To drive adoption of blockchain, we must properly communicate the problems and solutions. We must build an experience that is lovable and more efficient than what we use today. Our goal is to promote best practices, success stories, and cultural acceptance.
ARTISTS * USER EXPERIENCE * SOCIAL IMPACT * DESIGN THINKING * COMMUNITY Track 5 // Identity & Governance: Sovereign Individuals & Organizations Decentralized systems, like democracy, serves the purpose of minimizing central points of failure. We do this to balance the contributions of individuals and collectives within a civilized society. Digital systems lacking identity will either underfund public goods or over-subsidize the centralization of wealth. A sustainable, peaceful society requires an answer to this fundamental problem. IDENTITY * MECHANISM DESIGN * REGULATION * PUBLIC TRUST * ECONOMICS NOW IS THE TIME THE BUILDING PHASE Do you remember the 94% drawdown in price Amazon suffered after the dot com bubble?  This is the time that t and world-changing companies are born real-world solutions are being built.
Everything in the industry is on sale. STAY AHEAD OF THE TREND Every industry will be transformed by digital property ownership. Find out who is building, why they are building, and what is being built. Don’t let your company fall behind the competition. UNIQUE TALENT OPPORTUNITY Software developers, dev ops, engineers, and blockchain architects are expensive to find. We bring the startup talent that is running low on funding and students from Chicago’s universities. Corporate Ticket Packages give your company great visibility, access to attendees, and a discount. Sign up on the website to request to speak, sponsor, exhibit, or to get in touch with our team. VENUE SIX10 610 S. Michigan Ave. * Chicago, IL 60605 THREE STAGES   *   1,000+ CAPACITY   *   FOUR FLOORS Feinberg TheaterState-of-the-art acoustics, a proscenium stage, and wrap-around mezzanine and balcony with over 400 luxury seats at our main stage. Crown HallOne-of-a-kind architecture lends this incredible space an amazing view with floor-to-ceiling windows and 200 seats at our second stage. Landmark RoomAmong the most fabulous intimate spaces in Chicago, the glass-enclosed Landmark Room seats 80 for intimate discussions at the third stage. Outdoor TerraceAn open-air terrace offers gorgeous panoramic city, park, and lake views on its outdoor balcony. Gallery 10An exhibitor area on the top floor next to the Landmark Room and Outdoor Terrace. The LandingThe Landing offers beautiful treetop views of Chicago’s Grant Park and a convenient location adjacent to the Feinberg Theater for our showcase exhibitors. The LobbyThis magnificent atrium soars three stories, flanked by an impressive white sculptural wall that echoes the facets of the building’s glass front. A grand glass-and-terrazzo staircase extends to the second-floor Landing. .

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