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"The Risk" Womens Empowerment

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Putnam (GA1474)
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2019 Womens Empowerment by Not Easily being called "The Risk".  This years womens empowerment project is focused on helping women recognize the risk of them staying in something too long and becoming stuck.  Strong females (young and seasoned) often risk not growing or reaching their fullest potential because of staying in something way too long, whether it be a relationship, a career,the grip of fear or other obstacles we as women struggle with.  I am believing for God given purposes to be enhaced, enlightened and birthed out.  "Each one reach one" is a motto I like to use when planning these yearly empowerments.  This motto models how each woman holds the solution or the wisdom for another.   The empowerment include: Power packed speakers, a light dinner, workshops and exercises.  I can't wait to see you there.

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