The Construct 94 Season Finale | Super Smash Bros Tournament

Addresse3807 S Packard Ave
CitySaint Francis
At42 Ale House
CountyMarion (KY2037)
3807 S Packard Ave
Saint Francis
42 Ale House
Marion (KY2037)
Tel 2017-11-25
Categoria Events
The Construct 94 Season Finale | Super Smash Bros Tournament

The latest in a series of Milwaukee Super Smash Bros tournaments, now hosted at 42 Ale House. Bring Your Own Controller (BYOC) No outside food or beverage Games: Super Smash Bros. Melee for Nintendo GameCube Super Smash Bros for Wii U Project M 3.6 Events/Schedule: $5 venue fee (waived if you bring a full setup) 11:00 venue opens 12:00 Melee doubles ($20 per team) 1:00 Melee singles ($10 entry) 2:00 Smash 4 doubles ($20 per team) 3:00 PM 3.6 singles ($10 entry) 4:00 Smash 4 singles ($10 entry) * You can only sign up for 2 singles events. * Game Rules: * Double Elimination without pools (We will manually seed skilled and previously high placing players. Other players will be seeded randomly) * All sets are best of 3 until Finals. Winners, losers and grands will be best of 5.

* If you coach I will make fun of you. Restricted to between sets. * Melee 4 stock 8 minutes. Neutrals + PS. (KJ64 is not legal for doubles) Wobbling is legal. * PM 4 stock 8 minutes. Bottom row middle 5 neutrals, middle row middle 5 CPs. * Smash 4 We are now using a modified version of the suggested 2017 Ruleset. 2 stock 6 minute singles, 3 stock 8 minute doubles. CUSTOMS ARE BANNED Neutrals: Final Destination, Battlefield, Lylat Cruise, Smashville, Town & City Counterpicks: Dreamland 64 (unless BF is banned), Omega Stages (unless FD is banned) Winner gets 1 ban. Mii Fighters are legal and allowed custom sets. If you use a mii fighter use a default mii in the customs menu and name them 1331 etc to designate what customs they're equipped with.


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