The Big Autism Benefit

Addresse738 N Biesecker Rd
AtRacehorse Tavern
CountyClarke (AL1012)
738 N Biesecker Rd
Racehorse Tavern
Clarke (AL1012)
Tel 2018-10-19
Categoria Events
The Big Autism Benefit

Come rock out with the biggest names in the local tribute band scene. All proceeds go to The Vista School, a local school that brings state-of-the-art special education and therapeutic services to children living with autism in Central Pennsylvania. Friday Night: Enema (Blink 182) Penntera (Pantera) Maiden America (Iron Maiden) Alice In Sane (Alice In Chains) RIOT. (Paramore) Saturday Night: Voodoo (Godsmack) Nimrod (Green Day) Nevermind (Nirvana) Monkeyfoo (Foo Fighters) SGT. D (S.O.D) Sponsored by: Tattoos by Steve Junkins Salon 4800 Jamusic

The lineup is complete. I'm sorry for any bands that were hoping to get onboard but missed out. Odds are we'll be doing this again next year. In the meantime I'll be keeping a list of bands available as fill-ins in case someone drops out, so hit me up if you wanna be on it.

Friday Night: Enema (Blink 182) Nimrod (Green Day) Nevermind (Nirvana) Alice In Sane (Alice In Chains) RIOT. (Paramore) Saturday Night: Penntera (Pantera) Voodoo (Godsmack) Maiden America (Iron Maiden) Monkeyfoo (Foo Fighters) SGT. D (S.O.D)
MESSAGE TO THE GUITARISTS PLAYING THIS SHOW: For both nights I will be providing two 412 guitar cabinets for your use. One is an EVH 5150 III (16 ohm) and one is a Marshall Modern Vintage (4 or 8 ohm). Both are excellent cabinets in perfect working condition. I understand that many guitarists prefer to use their own gear, and that's fine, but in an effort to avoid gear-clutter in the venue, please consider leaving your cab at home and using mine. The more room for people the better, right? Thanks in advance.
After consulting with the other organizers, we have decided to make our donations to The Vista School instead.

It's a fine local school that provides education and therapy to people with Autism. We thought it would be best to keep our efforts focused and local, and we hope you all agree. :D
MESSAGE TO DRUMMERS PLAYING THIS SHOW: Drums will be provided on both nights. Please bring "breakables", meaning snare, throne, cymbals and...

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