The 2018 Weight Loss Program

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The 2018 Weight Loss Program

Over 90% of DIETS FAIL... why?? Diets don't work. I see people every day, desperate to feel comfortable in their bodies. Willing to try every new diet, drink, pill and shake in order to lose weight. Many produce short-term results, but studies have found that at least 90% of diets fail. It's expensive. It's frustrating. It's taxing on your body and accelerates the aging process. The more ups and downs you have with your weight over the years, the harder it becomes to lose weight. And it takes away from your ability to love & appreciate yourself, regardless of what the scale says. This is why I'm so passionate about my annual Weight Loss Program. We don't count calories. We don't do diets. You won't be hungry or deprived. We don't do shakes and powders and diet pills. We get to the root of why you gained weight, and why you can't lose it.

We use real, bio-individualized food. We do real-life assessments for food intolerances, and build a healthy balanced diet around any sensitivities or allergies. Together, we manage your stress, eliminate your cravings, manage chronic illness better, develop exercise plans, meal plans, learn label reading, & we're able to pull from the 115 different dietary theories I'm formally trained in to help you build a permanent lifestyle change that will not only get you to your ideal weight, but will leave you with energy, vibrant health, and happiness. I'm here to help you over every bump along the way, answer every question, and be there to provide professional, educated, loving support. So, I invite you- if you're tired of diets, deprivation, guilt, frustration, and want to finally feel vibrantly healthy- come meet me for a free consultation.

It's totally free to you, and there is no obligation. We'll be able to talk about your situation more in depth, and you'll get more information on what this journey could potentially do for you. Please read my reviews here. And bonus- the participant to lose the most body fat percentage gets a $50 gift certificate, as well as a free massage from a local business. Enrollment ends January 14- Schedule your complimentary appointment today. Program is available at our Neenah office or via phone/email to anyone in the US. 920-327-2221

Why diets don't work.... but our program does.

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