Terrific Twos—6 sessions (2 ‒ 3 years)

CitySan Carlos
CountyGila (AZ1145)
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San Carlos
Gila (AZ1145)
Tel 2019-10-16
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Terrific Twos—6 sessions (2 ‒ 3 years)
Terrific Twos (2 – 3 years) is an 6-week program designed to prepare parents and children for preschool. While children learn to gently separate and play in a preschool-like setting, parents discuss the joys and challenges of raising a 2-year old. Topics include limit setting and positive discipline, play and socialization, sleep concerns, and more. With Jennifer Earle and Judi Cohen, MA. Fee: $225 (includes $80 for playcare). [Parent/Child Activity Groups][For Parents of Infants & Toddlers: Birth through Preschool] .
Terrific Twos—6 sessions (2 ‒ 3 years) San Carlos Gila from october/16 to november/20 2019 - Events San Carlos - 2019

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