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The Healthy Wealthy Wise Movement will be in the St. Louis area March 29th and 30th sharing The Temple Project with churches and the Greater St. Louis area. We are starting out at Pure Gospel Temple at the United Holy Chuurch of America Central Western District Leadership Session on Saturday, March 30. The public is welcome to join us for this session that will introduce revolutionary natural approaches to addressing issues and conditions that contribute to heart and related diseases and illnesses.  Pastors and ministers would agree that highest number of prayer requests is in the area of health, illness and disease. The Temple Project is a tangible, action-oriented direct answer to those requests and needs among members and church goers of all faiths.  The Temple Project helps to create the consciousness of mind to focus on your health and the health of your family and the health of our communities.   We are looking to share with other churches and organizations that are interested in giving their members healthy, whole food nutrition alternatives to live a healthy lifestyle. We pray about generational curses and diseases that are attacking our families and congregations.

We can bring this revolutionary opportunity to your church while in the St. Louis area at the end of March. Our products provide nutritional support that comes from individualized recommendations. While we do not treat or cure diseases and conditions, when you give the body what it needs nutritionally, it responds as it was designed to do. We will discuss chronic illnesses, as well as other diseases and conditions including, but not limited to diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, heart disease, erectile dysfunction, and many other lifestyle diseases and conditions that are plaguing individuals and families. We also help you to connect DNA testing to your personalized assessment. This is a game changer that helps people to get answers to better work on conditions that have been a problem for years.
This program can also potentially be an extra stable stream of income for the church/organization that is supported by its members.  If your church/organization is interested, feel free to join us, or we will be more than happy to come out and meet with your congregation, and health and wellness ministry. We can provide samples and a presentation to explain what the Temple Project is all about, and what we do and how our products are transforming lives. Ministries and organizations across the country are quickly adopting this focus on health and wellness concept in an effort to change communities. Apostle Ron Wilson pastor of Full Christian Assemblies International and Apostle H.D. Wilson pastor of Valley Kingdom Ministries in the Metro Chicago area are among pastors around the country who are leading the fight against generational illnesses from the pulpit.
We want you to be at the forefront of health and wellness for your communities, and being a part of our movement helps us expand to make a real impact. Email: IMPACTHealthWellness@gmail.com Phone:312-488-6906 .

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