Temple Stay: Core Embodied Presence

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Temple Stay: Core Embodied Presence

Do you know that we have 50,000-70,000 thoughts each day? And most of them are the same repetitive negative thoughts.How do  you manage the flood of these thoughts  and stay present?You may have tried meditation because you were told meditation  helps calm your mind down or reduces stress, yet experienced challenges to mold into a daily practice? Join us in this  special temple experience  to start your new year with peace of mind and embodied presence. We will wake up in the morning at a traditional ancient Buddhist monastery near the Mojave desert, meditate, enjoy  clean and vibrant organic food, soak in a sound bath, hike though wondrous wild mountains, and participate in sacred rituals to the river, moon, and fire to remember who you are. When you leave, you will feel a sense of centeredness, oneness, togetherness, presence,  all in a safe group of loving people.Vitality 101: How to breathe “Never underestimate the healing power of long, deep breath.

Not only does it create inner calm, it gives you space to acknowledge and appreciate that this breath is not your last one. --Buddha”We will explore the art of breathing. Meditation and breath go together as a pair. Slow and conscious breathing can rejuvenate your mind and body, and help you live longer. We will do gentle movements incorporated with breathwork so you will get into  your body and increase your energy, the source of vitality.Zen Meditation 101: How to be in Presence Moment“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.. Buddha”We will witness the Sun rising and  meditate. Sitting meditation and walking meditations enable you to stay calm, observe your thoughts, and investigate your inner voice without any distractions or outside attentions.

This ancient Zen Buddhist meditation practice will allow you reduce stress and contain your energy.Mindful Eating: Create New Relationship as Ritual Food reveals our connection with the earth. Each bite contains the life of its own from the sun to farm to table. We can see and taste the whole universe in one bite. Eating is the most intimate moment of self-nourishment as ritual. We will change your  eating habit from unconscious rush-through to a self-love ritual.You have two meal options to choose from:1. Four meals including organic vegetarian food2. Juicing (greens and fruits)Nature Therapy: Silent Hiking, 4 Elements Ritual (Water, Fire, Air, Earth)“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks… John Muir”There is nothing better than be in the nature and rewind our mind and body.

experience mindful silent hike to open up your full senses.What is included?4 meals, lodging, 2 times Sound bath, Ritual Materials., snacks, juicingThe Sacred Buddhist Monastery: Mountain Spirit Center (Tae Go Sa temple)The long-time home of a Zen Buddhist meditation monastery, this temple is located on a wonderful energy point, according to ancient Korean principles of geomancy. The land itself has long been a place where the native people came to conduct vision quests, an ancient Korean Zen Meditation spiritual practice, while living and breathing with the sacred animals of mountain lions, deer, white owls, and rabbits. Mountain Spirit Center was built with a deep concern for the environment. The temple is off the power grid and runs totally on solar energy, with no cell reception and toxic emissions.

Driving Directions (no cellular reception there so please print this out)Take Highway 58 east and exit at Sand Canyon Road. Go up Sand Canyon Road about 2.5 miles and turn right onto the unpaved Pine Canyon Road. Follow the signs to Mountain Spirit Center (Tae Go Sa temple).Meditation, Ritual, and Sound Bath Guided by Jummee ParkAs a “midwife of transformation,” Jummee is a vitality coach who is passionate about helping people connect with their essential selves and natural state of joyful being. She has been practicing Zen Meditation for over two decades, and she will share her unique way of guiding meditation with simplicity and humor. She is integrates her deep knowledge of Eastern religion and philosophy with a broad education in Western healing modalities.

She blends the essence of these teachings to provide an integrated healing experience for mind, body, and spirit, helping people feel healthy, vibrant, and joyfully alive. More information of Jummee's work and testimonials, please visit www.JummeeMethod.com or Instragram/YouTube at Jummee Method.CONTACT: Jummee Park, Play@jummeemethod.com.

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