Tarot Fast Track: A One-Day Beginner's Intensive

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Tarot Fast Track: A One-Day Beginner

Ready to plunge in and finally learn how to use your Tarot deck? This class is oriented to beginners, and rolls three separate classes into a one-day intensive for those who want to put their Tarot learning on a fast track. Tarot Beginnings: The Minor Arcana. This module will teach you a system for reading the cards that minimizes raw memorization and leverages your intuition. The class provides instruction in the Minor Arcana and the Court Cards. The class focuses on the combinations of suits, numbers and face cards to help you learn the system to be able to read intuitively. A simple reading layout is taught to gain practice in using the cards, while focusing on: Elemental energies of the suits Numerology of the numbered cards Combining elemental energies with numerology Personalities of the court cards Tarot Mysteries: The Major Arcana.

The 22 Major Arcana require self-study in addition to what will be taught in this class, but this module introduces the traditional meanings of the cards, and several different ways you can connect with them over time. The class focuses on the traditional meanings of the Major Arcana in the upright position. It will very briefly touch on the concept of reversals, which can be extrapolated to all of the Tarot cards. The class approaches the Major Arcana through:  Symbolism Archetypes Psychological development Meditation Tarot Insights: Connecting the Cards. The magic in reading Tarot is not in memorizing the meanings of the cards, but in accessing your intuition and being able to hear how the cards are talking to you, and to each other. This course will focus on learning to tap into and trust your intuition when doing a reading, how to see the relationships between the cards, and how to weave a story with them.
One moderately complex layout will be taught so you can practice seeing and understanding the relationships between the cards. If you have not yet learned the individual meanings of the cards, you’ll still have more to study before you begin reading the Tarot, but the principles learned in this class will provide an excellent foundation to help you become an intuitive reader. Class begins promptly at 10:15, with a one-hour break for lunch on your own. Bring your own Tarot cards with you, or use a loaner deck from the instructor. The curriculum is based on the Rider-Waite/Smith-Waite deck imagery..

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