Tantra + Shakti 100hr. Advanced Yoga Training

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Tantra + Shakti 100hr. Advanced Yoga Training

Prana + Shakti 100hr. is one of several advanced yoga immersion modules offered through Wild Temple Yoga. Students who complete a 200hr. foundational training (w/ Wild Temple Yoga or another school) along with three advanced 100hr. Wild Temple Yoga modules (including Prana + Shakti 100hr.) are eligible to be certified by Yoga Alliance at the 500 hour level, the highest level of yoga certification currently available in the US. Tantra Yoga is a living embodiment of practice. It is an awakening of dormant energy that is the nexus of our power, understanding, will, clear seeing and right action. Unleashing these powers is both goal and effect when one devotes themselves to a steady, focused practice of Tantra. In this immersion, we dive deep into the essence of tantra. While tantra has many meanings and applications, the results of embodied power & wisdom, and the improved ability to weave, expand, accelerate & see clearly oneself and one’s surroundings, are all possible through the embodied tantric practices you will learn in this class.

Students are required to have had a regular yoga and/or meditation practice for 2 years prior to taking this class OR to have taken the Sage Yoga Teacher Training 200hr. foundational program (or equivalent from another yoga school, pending approval from Brooke). Students will be asked to commit to daily practices including specific meditations, mantra japa, asana, supportive lifestyle practices, and more. These are powerful teachings and as such, students are advised to reflect on whether they can commit the time and energy required to integrate these teachings and practices into daily life. Overview of Topics Covered: - The Science of Embodiment: The Living Experience Shakti Sadhana: The Cultivation of Power: Will, Strength (The Practice that Awakens Shakti) - The Need for a Teacher: Twilight Language (code) what is missing/what needs to be done//guidance from your own ego (not to misuse of power) and adhikara: progressive steps - Tantric Meditations - Sankalpa Shakti & Vichara - The Vital Essences - Tapas/Tejas - Source as Divine What is Your Connection to Source? - The 5 Elements & 6 Tastes: Spices of India/California/Mediterranean - Temples, Altars, the Sacred: Body as Shrine; Tantric Healer’s Toolbox (Optional Online/Video) - Mantra Sadhana - Cave of the Heart Kriya - Bhuta Shuddhi - Laya Yoga - Chakra Study What is Wild Temple Yoga? Wild Temple Yoga is a unique and powerful comprehensible Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) that is broken up into 5 digestible 100hr.

modules offered throughout the year. Rooted in The Himalayan Sage Sri Vidya Tantra Tradition, Brooke Sullivan, teacher and founder of The Wild Temple School, weaves ancient techniques of living traditions into the modern life and mind. She draws from Yoga Science, Tantric Philosophy, and Botanical Wisdom to provide a profoundly integrative and deep training. Wild Temple Yoga teaches about love, faith, and power in a non-dogmatic format, where interactive discussions are the highlight and students can discover and begin to embody what is True for them, in relation to topics such as power, oneness, fear, the monkey mind, dharma or one's life path, right/wrong, emotional and physical health, Source consciousness, etc. The practices and course topics are designed to awaken each student’s own empowered self and inner teacher, leading them into successful lives with rich relationships and the strength to shift unhealthy habits with an increased capacity for patience, love, and compassion.

Wild Temple Yoga is dedicated to anyone interested in self-transformation through the yogic path and/or becoming a yoga teacher. Students who journey down the Wild Temple Yoga path will be guided deeply, safely, and effectively, towards becoming advanced practitioners and teachers. For more information, please visit: www.thewildtemple.com/wild-temple-yoga .

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