Tactical Medic Course

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Fop Firing Range
Calhoun (AL1007)
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Tactical Medic Course

Cost is $350.00 per person: This course is NOT designed to make you a medic. This program is designed to addresses basic tactical concepts, movement, clearing techniques and other related topics to new tactical medical personnel so they may be integrated into a tactical team. This program uses a combination of short PPT lectures combined with scenario based training to enhance skill development and the understanding of the tactical medical role. This course will run in conjunction with the Basic SWAT Course. Students participating in the Tactical Medic Course will be integrated with the law enforcements officers. Students must be at least a Basic EMT and have proof thereof. Wrap around eye protection/ear protection (bring lots of foam hearing protection) * Body armor/tactical vest * Flashlight (weapon mounted and/or handheld)/spare batteries * Serviceable duty pistol with three mags and holster * Ammunition for duty pistol: 300 Rounds * Serviceable duty rifle or submachine gun with three magazines * Ammunition for duty rifle: 200 Rounds * Lots of water: be prepared to hydrate * Pen, pad and pencil * Groin protection (Towel) * Long sleeve T-shirts or light weight jackets (No red) * BDU Type or other appropriate uniform * Other tactical gear as appropriate * Ballistic helmet (if issued) * Gas masks (if issued) * Gloves and elbow/knee pads (if issued) * We provide all NLTA weapons, ammunition and safety helmet * If you have Simunition® FX helmets/training gear please bring it .

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