Student Watershed Symposium in Charleston

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Student Watershed Symposium in Charleston

OVERVIEW Who:        Students of teachers who participated in a MWEEs by the Sea workshop*  When:      Tuesday, April 30, 2019 from 9:00am to 2:00pm Where:     University of Oregon's Oregon Institute of Marine Biology in Charleston, OR The Student Watershed Symposium is an opportunity for students to share with peers and community the meaningful watershed educational experiences (MWEEs) and stewardship projects they have been undertaking this year. Their teachers participated in one or more of the MWEEs by the Sea workshops* held between January 1, 2018 and January 31, 2019. These workshops focused on field experiences, stewardship, and project-based learning around one of the following topics: stormwater pathways wonderful wetlands watershed monitoring and habitat restoration marine debris climate change At this Student Watershed Symposium event, students will bring displays that describe their projects, and will have an opportunity to both stand by their project and explain to peers and adults what they did, and also to visit the displays of other students.

In addition, the students will have time to explore the University of Oregon's Charleston Marine Life Center exhibits and engage in a variety of hands-on, outdoor activities with researchers who study watershed issues. Download a PDF of the guidelines for this event WHAT TO BRING Students - How many students will you bring to the SWS? Please indicate the number in the online registration. Displays - All groups should bring at least one display which details the students' project. In no cases should individual students each bring a display... we won't have room. Instead, students can work in small groups to prepare and interpret displays. Video/Photo personal release form for each participating student, signed by a parent or guardian. Download in [English] [Spanish] Sack lunches.
Rain gear for potential outdoor activities. Question: What are the expectations for what the displays should look like? Answer: Formats will vary according to the type of project and the age of the students. The displays should tell the story about the issue the students investigated, the field experiences they engaged in, what they learned, and what stewardship actions* have resulted from the project.  Displays will be set up on top of tables; a tri-fold cardboard type of display that stands up by itself would work well. Other display items are also acceptable, including artwork, field samples, or a computer with a slide presentation or video. Because it may be difficult to hear audio in the exhibit halls, videos should be captioned. Space is limited. Question: What do you mean by "stewardship action"? Answer: Examples of stewardship activities include: Watershed Restoration or Protection (e.g., create schoolyard habitat, planting trees or grasses, invasive species removal, cleanup (e.g., beach, stream, school, community), raise & release (e.g., fish, oysters, turtles), stormwater management (e.g., rain garden, paint storm drains) Everyday Choices (e.g., reduce/reuse/recycle/upcycle, transportation (e.g., carpooling, bike riding, mass transit, walking), composting, energy conservation, water conservation) Community Engagement (e.g., outreach, presentations, social media, messaging at community events/fairs/festivals, event-organizing, mentoring, PSAs, flyers, posters) Civic Action (e.g., town meetings, voting, writing elected officials/decision makers, advocating for policy change) If students are able to quantify their stewardship actions (ie, weight of marine debris removed, number of trees planted, number of flyers distributed, etc), please share that information in the display.
SUPPORT Oregon Sea Grant will reimburse participating schools for substitutes and the portion of student bus transportation not covered by the state. For more information about reimbursement, contact Download the permission slip that participants need to return with a parent/guardian signature on the day of the event. [English] [Spanish] Registration ends April 15, but don't delay.

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