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(stillness)18; At the Joseph A. Fiore Art CenterA gathering of artists across disciplines celebrate our connection to nature and invoke a deepening sense of place. Movers, vocalists, musicians, writers, visual artists, foragers, an astrologer and a cook are among the players who will have been here in retreat for 4 days preparing the celebration. You are invited to share an afternoon in gratitude for the season of summer, of light, land, water and all of the beings inhabiting this place. Please join us for a slow walk across the land, a lakeside performance and a seasonal feast. 4pm - 8pm. this was our (stillness)18 menu, we will update the menu as soon as we know what this season brings featuring invasive species: Japanese Knot Weed. DF: Dairy Free, GF: Gluten Free, V: Vegan hors d’oeuvres: Wild Rice Dolmathes DF, V Dandelion Fritters: DF Spruce Tip Tea entree: Halibut Lox with Nettle Chimmichurri citrus cured and cold smoked GF wild rice V, GF fiddleheads sides: Sea shore salad (glass wort + goose tongue) V, GF Black Locust Fritters V, GF Ground nut Plantain Chips condiments: Rhubarb Chutney V, GF Japanese Knotweed Chutney V, GF Cat Tail Relish V, GF Pickled Cat Tail V, GF Pickled Dandelion Greens and Heads V, GF Dandelion Sorrel Plantain Pesto V, GF dessert: Rhubarb Compote with Cracked Pastry V, GF Candied Flowers V, GF Violet Syrup Spritzer This event generously supported by The Maine Farmland Trust Joseph A.

Fiore Art Center, The Power Company .

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