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Spiritual Slow Flow Yoga ~ Kim Doyle

Spiritual Slow Flow Yoga Astrology, Thai Yoga Massage, Creative Visualization, Aromatherapy, and Tuning Forks This class is unlike any other Yoga class that you have taken before. It will begin with a Spiritual lesson or theme that is integrated into cellular memory through kinesthetic experience by flowing through Yoga Asanas. Then you will move into a more placid experience, blending Restorative Yoga Poses, Yoga Nidra, Creative Visualization, Guided Meditation, and Loving Touch. The experience will be enhanced by incorporating Yoga Props, Thai Yoga Massage, Aromatherapy, and Sound Healing. And hey, if you have previously discussed it with Kim, she might even use the Chinese Cupping Therapy on you :) Kim uses Singing Bowls, Drumming and Tuning Forks in the Solfleggio Scale to attune her students to the Universal Knowing and Your Highest Vibrational State.

Kim is a Chanel for the Divine, so every class will be different depending on who shows up and what the combined energies of the Universal Forces and Class Participants are, so come as you are, physically, mentally, emotional and energetically. By bringing yourself in all your glory, and all your disaster, you will receive just the support you need to heal yourself, and we will begin to heal this planet through creating an integrated and authentic Community of Participants. This is bringing the lessons of Burning Man into every-day Life, my friends. Drop-ins are welcome, and this may be the most transormational single yoga class that you will ever take. However, this class is designed to go deep and create a deep connection between Kim and her students, so the pricing reflects a level of commitment.

Twenty dollars for a single class, or fifty dollars prepaid for the month which includes any other local events that Kim hosts, such as Full and New Moon events or sound healings. Sign up to recieve invitations at www.monthlymoonmeditations.com. About Kim Doyle: Kim Doyle has been on a Transformational Spiritual Journey over the past year. She uprooted her life and intended to "see where the wind blows her." With no particular plan, she "followed the signs and omens." This Journey led her to seek out Primary Water, the Blood of the Earth, the Ever Flowing Wellspring of Life Force Energy. She visited a number of Hot Springs, Drinking Springs, Soda Springs, Swimming Holes, Waterfalls, Rivers, Oceans, pre-historic caves and Sacred Native Healing Lands in Colorado, California, Oregon, Nevada, and Florida.

Just back from the Oregon Eclipse Festival and Burning Man, Kim is at home and settled in Downtown Denver. She is excited to share her lessons, stories, Ah-Ha Moments, and this Fresh New Energy with the Community, awakening the Ever Flowing Well Spring of Life Force Energy within You. She has taught onstage at Sonic Bloom and Burning Man and has collaborated with Deya Dova, Soohan, and Alia. Her studies include: Yoga in the Himalayas, Thai Yoga Massage in Thailand, Wellness Coaching at The Mayo Clinic, Mayan Abdominal Massage, & Earth Based Spiritual Hygiene. She also uses Sound Healing Instruments, a Tesla High Frequency Device, and Chinese Cupping Therapy for Structural Corrections. Her Private Sessions are intuitive in nature and may include any and all of these modalities, so every session is distinct and will meet you exactly where you are at each moment in Space and Time.

Her Ultimate Goal is to awaken you to your own Highest Expression and the knowledge and practice of healing yourself and our world. Kim Doyle is a Healer, in addition to weekly yoga classes, she also offers Private Sessions and has private weekly classes for Anxiety, Depression, and Addiction at an Intensive Outpatient Mental Health Facility. As a gift, Kim is offering a package deal to a limited number of Dedicated Students. One Private Session & Unlimited Classes. Monthly Auto Prepay Includes: Unlimited Weekly Yoga and Local Sound Healing Events One-on-One 90 Minute Private Session 50% OFF Second session for you or a Loved One 10% OFF all Hot Springs and International Retreats Automatic Enrollment in www.monthlymoonmeditations.com Monthly Auto Prepay in 1 or 2 payments per month All of this for one hundred and fifty dollars, that is what Kim usually charges for a single Private Session.

It's basically like getting a Private Session and gaining access to all of her Online Content, Yoga Classes, and Sound Healing Events for FREE. A big part of the magic that Kim offers, is her powers of Manifestation, when she develops a deep relationship with her students over time, she can use her powers of visualization and connection to help you MANIFEST YOUR HIGHEST SELF and your own Power of Creation, so that you can serve the World to the the HIGHEST GOOD. When more of us are operating in this Higher Vibrational State and gathering in Community we can Attract and Create the World of our Dreams and live Your True Purpose.

This is so good. Yoga fusion from the world class tutelage of Kim Doyle? Only $20? What a kick. Yoga props too? Potential for Chinese cupping? ✅✔️☑️
So excited for tonight. When you get there come in through the door thatYoga Social and Lodo Massage share and head down the stairs. See you soon.
Where will classes be? I'll definitely make it a point to attend soon:):):)
I would love to attend, but I work all Wednesday nights :(
Ready to decompress. See ya tonight.
Roll caaaaall. Whos coming tonight?
Is this every Wednesday Kim Doyle?
Lauren Haug take me with you.

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