Speed Dating In Westchester County - Ages 25 to 39

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Speed Dating In Westchester County - Ages 25 to 39

Come check out the revolutionary event for singles that's being called "The best new way to meet quality singles. "At this unique speed dating event you'll get to go on "mini dates" with other quality singles in your area and make real connections. After meeting all the other singles, you'll indicate which people you'd like to see again. If they also select you, we will send you each others' contact information and you can set up a date. "As a busy professional, I just don't have much time to get out and meet people as much as I'd like so this event was like a Godsend for me. It was a refreshingly fantastic experience. " - Jennifer S.QUICK NOTE: THE PRICE WILL BE GOING UP AS EVENT DATE APPROACHES AND WILL LIKELY SELL OUT BY EVENT TIME SO WE RECOMMEND SIGNING UP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.HOW EXACTLY DOES THE EVENT WORK?Okay, here's the amazing thing about a Friendzy Speed Dating Event.

You'll get to "meet" all the other daters on your phone or computer, wherever you are... even from the comfort of your own home.   Be ready at the listed event start time and you'll be chatting with each dater via our website in rounds of speed dating right from your phone or computer. That's right. You'll be doing the speed dating round right from your phone (or computer) via video. It's simple and it works. After your online speed dating rounds, you can choose to go to the venue that we listed to a designated area for our group as an "after party" of sorts. IMPORTANT: The designated meeting spot venue for after the online speed dating rounds is: Ron Blacks (181 Mamaroneck Avenue, White Plains, NY) The online speed dating rounds will last 1 hour in total.
Let's say you have a real interest in one particular person during your online mini date. During that mini date, you should send the person your contact information (via our chat box) and if they decide to, they can contact you right away and you can set up a date with that person for that very night. If you decide to go this route, you can skip going to our selected venue after and pick some place to go together with your date. But either way, if you sign up for the event, we'd love for you to be ready to go out on that particular night. This isn't Tinder or Bumble... This is ideally for people looking to meet on the given night. Yes,  of course you can choose to just do the online speed dating rounds and stay home for the night, but we encourage anyone signing up to actually head out after the online speed dating rounds.
If you weren't quite sure about one specific connection, think you may have been interested in more than one person or just want to go out and mingle with the other singles, you should head out to the listed venue immediately after the speed dating rounds so you can mix and mingle more with the others in the group that have chosen to go that route as well. We have a designed meeting area for the people in the group who want to continue the night and mingle more. Those interested can head out to the venue immediately after the online speed dating rounds (plan to arrive at the venue a half hour after the online speed dating rounds end). We will have a designated area at the venue for the group and you'll get a chance to mix and mingle. The cool thing is that you'll already know all the people of the opposite gender because you will have done an online speed dating round with each of them.
At the end of the night, we'll email you a link to a webpage where you can select which people you'd like to see again. If they also select you, we'll send both of you each others' contact information so you can get set up a future date. Oh, here's another really awesome thing... While many people like to do the speed dating rounds from their home, if you'd prefer you can do the speed dating rounds on your phone from anywhere... a quiet place at the bar, a cafe, the office, your car (parked obviously, we don't want anyone crashing) or anywhere you'd like. "This is absolutely genius. Forget about the endless swiping on dating apps... this is a real way to connect with people." - Jake T. "What a fabulous concept. I met some great people and I started dating one of the guys I met at the event.
We're now dating and so far it's going on 7 months strong." - Hannah M. OH, AND ANOTHER GREAT THING ABOUT A FRIENDZY SPEED DATING EVENT:During each of your mini dates, we'll give you a unique compatability question that you can both answer. A team of relationship experts have carefully crafted questions that were developed to help you gauge chemistry, test compatability and get an idea about your date's character. In fact, because of these questions, our events lead to 32% more long term relationships than traditional speed dating events. "The compatability questions are the perfect way to tell if you have chemistry with the the other dater." - Emma D., NYC "I loved the questions because it takes the pressure off having to come up with something new to talk about with each person. It's makes a great ice breaker" - Gavin B., NYAn example of some of our unique compatability questions:* If you had a time machine - where would you take it to? Would you stay there?* Do you usually follow your heart or your head?* Would you rather live for one year on an island by yourself or for one year in a small apartment with 7 strangers?* Would you grow a mohawk for a year if it meant that $10,000 would go to a good charity?* A friend who needs a job applies at your business. Someone who is much more qualified also applies. Do you hire your friend?* What is one thing you’ve always wanted to cross off your bucket list, but haven’t yet?FAQ:CAN I JUST DO THE ONLINE SPEED DATING ROUNDS AND NOT GO TO THE DESIGNATED VENUE AFTER?Absolutely, although we encourage everyone to either set up a date with someone during the speed dating rounds or head on out after to the designated venue. However, if you so choose, you are welcome to just do the speed dating rounds and not head out after. HOW MANY PEOPLE WILL I MEET?You will typically meet between 5 and 15 other singles of the opposite gender. We lengthen or shorten the mini date time depending on how many people sign up. Actually, sometimes the better events are ones that we have less people signed up for because the less people we have, the more time you have to get to know each person.HOW LONG ARE THE MINI DATES?Each mini date lasts about 7 minutes. We lengthen or shorten the dates depending on how many people are signed up for the event but as a general guidline, most of the time the dates last 7 minutes each. If we have less people signed up for a given event, we lengthen each mini date so you have more time to build a connection with and get to know each person. WHAT HAPPENS AT THE VENUE?Think of the venue as sort of an "after party". We pick a designated area at the venue for everyone to meet and those who choose to can head there after the online speed dating rounds to mingle with some of the people they met during the speed dating rounds. We'd say typically about 60% of the people from the online speed dating rounds will go to the venue after... but it varies from event to event. Essentially the venue is just a meeting spot for those interested and you're "on your own" when you get there, but you will already know the people of the opposite gender there because you'll have done an online speed dating round with them.  It's up to you if you'd like to go. Think of the venue as a "suggested meeting place" for after the online speed dating rounds. HOW STRICT IS THE LISTED AGE RANGE?If you're within a couple of years older or younger than the listed age range, you're welcome to attend. CAN I PAY AT THE EVENT?Most of the event happens right from your phone or computer so you have to get your tickets ahead of time. IS THIS ABOUT HOOK UPS?No, this event is for people looking to meet someone potentially for a real relationship of some sort. It's not for people looking for a quick hook up.DO THE COMPATIBILITY QUESTIONS TAKE UP THE TIME OF THE ENTIRE MINI DATE?The compatibility questions will only take a couple of minutes to answer and are optional. There will be time left over to discuss things like careers, interests, etc.WHEN WILL I GET MY MATCHES EMAILED TO ME?We will email you matches within about 24 hours after the event.IS THERE A REFUND POLICY?If you need to cancel, please email us and we can transfer you to a future event. However we do not offer transfers if you cancel on the day of the event or don't show up..

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