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2019-2020  Spanish 1 for Middle School and High School Mrs. Joanna E. Rose Gomes, MSEd Welcome to a class that is designed for the beginning student with no previous experience in Spanish. The main objectives of this course are to help students develop effective communication skills in Spanish through the elementary development of the four basic language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing), while focusing on the aspects of everyday life in Spanish-speaking nations. General Education and Course Specific Objectives: Beginning Spanish 1 Students will demonstrate effective communication skills in Spanish through their ability to listen, read, write and speak clearly. Students will be able to: Understand Spanish that is spoken at moderate conversational speed and that deals with everyday topics.

Engage in simple conversations with speakers of Spanish in everyday situations Read non-technical Spanish in non-complex, familiar texts on various aspects of Spanish culture. Write simple sentences correctly on the topics and activities presented in the course to fulfill writing assignments, including writing interview questions, descriptions of people and things, E-mail messages, postcard, dialogues, poems, and essays. Demonstrate an awareness of the cultures of the Hispanic world. Formulate answers to personalized questions related to the cultural practices of daily life, such as family, housing, shopping, dining, and travel. Identify the countries, some of the key famous people, and some of the distinguishing features where Spanish is spoken. Pace of the Course: Students will complete about one chapter per week of the text, submitting assignments, sometimes video assignments via email throughout the week.
Class meeting times will be for the purpose of interacting and using vocabulary from the text, which the student has studied at home. Materials for the Course HCA Registration Clearance Required to attend any class HCA Tshirt Required to attend any HCA class or event $20 text book English/Spanish Dictionary or phone app Notebook/Binder/Folder and writing utensil of choice Permission to submit assignments electronically via email at Class Fee: $10/class  x 31 classes = $310 I prefer two  payments of = $155 August and January. However, monthly and weekly payments will be accepted..

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