Social | Search | Persuasion: 3 Unique Marketing Methods for the Firearms Industry

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Social | Search | Persuasion: 3 Unique Marketing Methods for the Firearms Industry

Marketing firearms and firearms related services in 2019 can be a nightmare. It’s time to be more innovative. Learn how to create a unique marketing strategy that will use persuasion and influence to target customers. Anyone can use these powerful, yet simple concepts. Your new strategy is based on proven methods and is customizable for any business in the pew pew life. During this workshop, you will learn three things: Identify your target audience Understand how your customers think, act and behave Create and deliver content that builds community and encourages sales Each attendee will receive handouts with tips, tricks, and tools for conquering pew pew marketing. The workshop will conclude with an interactive game show format to check on learning. TWO SESSIONS & UNLIMITED POTENTIAL Social Marketing with Candy Sugarman Design a comprehensive Social Media Strategy without Paid Ads Candy Sugarman will demonstrate how any business can create a marketing strategy that can be used on any social network.

The strategy will help any business owner, operator and leader confidentiality create posts and content that resonate with their target market and help convert prospects to customers. Candy’s learning objectives: Attendees will learn how to use analytics to understand their audience Attendees will understand who their target market is and what they want and expect from the business Attendees will receive step-by-step instructions on how to create unique and persuasive content Personal Touches with Michael Barbera Brands are persistent at placing their content in the eye of the consumer, and firearms brands are likely to face additional barriers to reach their consumers. The average North American will view 30,000 brand impressions each day. Brands strive to be memorable in saturated markets by using persuasive messages that target the consumer’s cognitive decision-making process.
Customers don’t buy from businesses. Customers buy from brands. During this session, participants will learn how to be persuasive and how to build relationships with their customers. .

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