Ski/ Snowboarding Trip!

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4080 Lake Tahoe Blvd
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Ski/ Snowboarding Trip!

Okay so the nothing is set in stone (location/dates) I'm just making this to see who legitimately wants to go on a trip this winter and do something fun with our friends. When I say "legitimately wants to go on a trip" i mean friends who can afford it/ will not flake out. You have at least 3-4 months to save up for this, I imagine that if we can split rooms this could be a fairly cheap trip if we plan it and book it as soon as possible. A couple places I'm looking into includes: blue mountain (canada). Or there are several on lake Tahoe if we decide we want to stay in the country and not pay a shit ton for Wi-Fi and cigs or for you lazy pieces of shits with expired passports. Any other suggestions are definitely good. I just want to go to a real mountain so that means do not suggest places like :Boyne mountain, mount holly, crystal mountain.

So there ya have it, let me know what dates absolutely will not work for you so we can plan something we can all be a part of... if I forgot anyone I'm sorry I'm not perfect lol anyone can join along obviously If you don't want to ski or snowboard, these resorts have a lot to do still including spas, water parks, casinos etc.

This is the price for 3 full days of skiing/ snowboarding. So roughly a little over $100 for all day passes. You can purchase these tickets online when you get there or pay at the resort, so you can bring whatever money you want for that with you. Again, you don't have to ride the mountain every day. There are plenty of other things to check out while were we're out there so if you want to take a day and relax or sight see or spa etc you can spend your day off the mountain.

I'm about to post what the rentals go for as well Oh and you can use it for other resorts on the same mountain so that's fuckin sweet too
Look people i got 6 spots right now. I found a 4 bedroom townhouse. For January 8th till the 11th so that's 3 nights... Monday till Thursday. I can change dates to the weekend if it's more convenient but we might not find availability This here is 1600 split between 8 people is only 200 per person. And to be honest It can fit 10 people if we want too Now please tell me that is affordable lol c'mon now were young adults and should be able to save $200 in the next 3 months
Renting equipment ranges from $55- $65 per day so keep that in mind. If anyone wants to know where we are going or if you wanna look shit up on your own:

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