Sirsy (NY) w/ Ginger and the Gents- PRIDE party

Addresse1492 S State St
CitySalt Lake City
AtPiper Down an Olde World Pub
CountySalt Lake (UT3842)
1492 S State St
Salt Lake City
Piper Down an Olde World Pub
Salt Lake (UT3842)
Tel 2018-06-01
Categoria Events
Sirsy (NY) w/ Ginger and the Gents- PRIDE party

SIRSY is a rock and soul duo with lots of pop sensibility and just the right amount of sass. The Boston Globe sums it up, “Little band. Big Sound.” No more needs to be said. Although the only thing “little” about Sirsy is that there's just two of them. The rest is bigger than a T-Rex. Close your eyes and listen to the power and heart in their music and you'll swear there's more than two people on stage. It's crank up the volume, sing along at the top of your lungs music -- even when the ballads kick in. Plus, "Their clever, smart songs have more hooks than a tacklebox." (-Times Union). Ginger & the Gents are no frills, just gritty rock n roll, with a whole'lotta soul to blow your hair back. G&TG puts a contemporary spin on the classic story we know as rock 'n' roll.

From tragic to sentimental to hilarious and hysterical with a bit of poetic prose, each song is woven together to tell a story of life's trials and triumphs that hits right in the gut, the head, and the heart. Lead singer, Chandra Marie, jokingly describes, "It's laughter, blood, sweat and tears. A little salty. A little sweet. It's sorrow and joy. It's raw. We're taking our insides, drawing them out and somehow we create something that resembles music. People seem to like it so I suppose we're doing something right." It's this rawness, boldly conveyed thru energizing live performances that endears them to fans of all walks of life since they hit the ground running in early 2016. Hailing from Salt Lake City Utah, they emerged with guns a'blazin',performing across their home state and the western United States.

Louisa Berteaux Bailey Christie LaVee let’s go this time yes?

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