Shire Chanterelle Pizza Night

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1700 Deerhill Rd
Long Lake
Two Pony Gardens
Hamilton (NY2971)
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Shire Chanterelle Pizza Night

September is the perfect time to hitch up the horses and experience fall on the farm. And to top it off we are adding chanterelle mushrooms to the mix. We promise this combination of mushroom pizzas and dahlias in bloom is something that is sure to impress. | TWO PONY PIZZA STYLE | + Pizza Events are all about connecting with the land, the community and the people you are attending with. This is your picnic, BYO everything but pizza. Furnish this picnic in the vibe of your friends and family. For sure bring plates, napkins, side dishes, beverages. Maybe you'd like to have cards, cribbage, a walking stick, etc. You will receive an email a few days before the event in which we will touch base about the farm's conditions and expected weather. You’ll want to think about and plan to wear appropriate clothing, footwear, layers.

It's always a good idea to bring hygienic items like wet wipes or sanitizer. Coolers that will be easily transported from your car to the lawn, a short walk up the driveway, lawn chairs, blankets, etc. KEEPS BUGS IN MIND, light long sleeves and pants perhaps? Bug spray, YES. Tick checks when you get home, YES. Just bring whatever your family will need to be comfortable and have a good time. ++ At Two Pony we practice a Leave No Trace, Pack it in, Pack it out - event style; Meaning that you'll need to bring a garbage receptacle, garbage bag, compost bag, some kind of containment that can be brought home with you at the end of the event. We aspire to be a closed loop, waste-free facility, and we really appreciate your help with this. | WHAT IS INCLUDED WITH YOUR TICKET | + PIZZA, all your can eat, our crew doesn’t stop feeding the oven until everyone is full.

We do our darnedest to avoid a long line up at the Pizza Tent, but in the event that you find yourself in queue please take a whole pizza when it’s your turn and bring it back to your group’s picnic space. ++ This season we are going to feature the Shires at as many pizza events as we can. Our big, black, beautiful horses love getting hitched up and working hard to give our guests an exciting added way to interact with the land and experience the scenery. If the farm has been drenched in the days leading up the even this is susceptible to being canceled for the horses safety and for the preservation of our equipment, that said it is our intention to hitch up the team at as many events as possible this year. +++ No matter the season there is always something to get into at Two Pony Gardens.

The farm and surrounding woods are there for you to explore (somewhat at your own muddy risk), maps with highlighted stops will be provided. But the grounds are extensive so please stay engaged with and keep track of (especially the tiniest) all members of your group. This is a special place, full of life in many forms and we want to encourage all things you do at the farm to come from a place of tenderness and love. | 2018 TWO PONY CHANGES | + We are so excited to announce a new feature to the Pizza Weekends - TWO PONY MARKET WAGON. A shop on wheels that will be rolled out to the driveway for your perusing. A plethora of goods will be made available for purchase by cash: seasonal plants and produce, wears from The Foundry Home Goods, honey, goat soaps, lotions, etc.

It is very exciting to offer a few of our favorite things in addition to giving you a outdoor pizza farm experience. ++ The Shire horses having been bugging to be utilized more, so we are going to do our best to offer carriage rides at every single pizza event. There is always the potential that the conditions will render us unable to chance it, so please don’t be too heartbroken if we have to cancel. +++ Our Saturday night events will begin at 4pm. And hour earlier than we have done in order to accommodate carriage rides.

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