Shamanic Sacred Cacao Full Moon Ceremony

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Shamanic Sacred Cacao Full Moon Ceremony

In this ceremony, I will lead you through ancient Shamanic rituals. We will harness the power of Cacao and the energy from the Full Moon to make it work for YOU. After all, the full moon is a time of positive opportunity if you use it correctly:)Cacao is a sacred plant with many different healing properties. In ancient times it was said to be derived from the heavens and gifted to the people. Cacao is a very powerful and wonderful heart opener. It also helps better connect you to other people and most importantly, yourself.During our time together, you will experience:- Deep healing through drumming and sound healing so you can heal your mind, body and soul at a cellular and vibrational level- Harness the energy of the full moon so that you can transform, heal and align your chakras, release anything that no longer serves you and find clarity in any messages you receive from our helping spirits- Ceremonial Cacao - Regularly working with this medicine can have therapeutic health benefits, including creating new neural pathways that change our daily experience to include more joy, love, and connection.

It also replenishes minerals vital to our body.You’ll leave with your own medicine bag filled with magical goodies + Crystals.You'll leave this ceremony with clarity, a renewed sense of self, your own medicine bag, new friendships and ready to start fresh for the next month ahead.

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