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Second Saturday Science

Second Saturday Science 10am –11am The Hitchcock Center is open to families and the community second Saturdays of the month, September thru December from 9am-1pm. Stop by to explore our building, talk with an educator, read a book with your kids or grandkids in our visitor center, and join us for one of our family science programs from 10-11am. Join us for seasonal nature and science programs each second Saturday of the month. Designed for children with their parents, these programs will explore cool topics in nature. December 8 - Counting Winter Birds with Heidi StempleLearn about the birds that stay all winter, and the citizen scientists that count them, with local children's author Heidi Stemple. January 12 Evergreens and Beyond Some plants die in the winter, others retreat unseen below the ground, still others seem completely unchanged.

Learn about the adaptations of different plants in winter time and investigate some evergreens in attempt to understand their survival strategies.   February 9 Tracks, Traces, and Trails. Even in the quiet of winter the forest is still full of life. We know this because the animals leave us clues. What tales can animals tell us by looking at what they leave behind?   March 9 Wind and Air We can’t hold them or see them, but they’re all around us. This month at the Hitchcock Center we’ll make the invisible visible by examining wind and air at work. We’ll be making our own wind catchers and learning about our relationship to wind and air.   April 13 Sounds of Spring Ribbit-Ribbit, Tap-Tap-Tap. Can you hear that? Spring has arrived and everyone is talking about it.
Spring is a noisy time in the forest, come learn about some of our vocal neighbors and their voices.   May 11 Ladybugs, Ladybugs, Ladybugs. After waking up from their winter sleep Ladybugs are very hungry. Learn what ladybugs want for lunch and what they do in spring.   **June 1 Plants We Eat**  1st Saturday in June Stems, roots, flowers, and fruits. Each part of a plant has an important role to help it grow and thrive. What are those roles and which parts can help us by giving us food and nourishment? Come find out at the Hitchcock Center. Weather Cancellation PolicyIf we cancel this program due to inclement weather, we will post the cancellation on our website by 9am. Please check the website before coming to the program. This program is free to the community thanks to the support of our sponsors:   .

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