Rockbridge Acornucopia Nut Revival

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Rockbridge Acornucopia Nut Revival

Why do nuts mysteriously appear in bowls around the holidays with no explanation or directions? Nuts offer so much. They are a nutrient and calorie dense food, with high quality oils essential for optimum brain health and, what’s more, they make everything taste better. Most all the nuts we eat are from somewhere far away, grown under mysterious conditions, and are very expensive. And yet we have a multitude of flavorful native nuts growing and falling all around us. Our grandparents knew this and somehow we have forgotten. Come join us for a delightful evening, and experience firsthand the revival of a local nut culture in Appalachia. Bill Whipple will be sharing his practical experiences, nut products, and vision that address common concerns about the food we eat and how it is grown.

He has initiated models of agriculture that are creating opportunities for young people to become farmers of perennial tree crops without debt, and hopes to continue this work by connecting with community members in Southwest Virginia who are interested in supporting the development of native nut orchards and processing facilities. From there, barriers to issues around our personal vitality, the health of our society, and our planet crack open. The ramifications rattle our environmental challenges and socio-economic structures. Winter is the time for dreaming, so come visit and meet friends, and let’s dream up a Nutopia for Southwest Virginia. Bill Whipple’s Bio By 1988 Bill Whipple had planted his first two acres of pear trees on his farm in West Virginia, and has since expanded to 10 acres of chemical free fruit and nut production that he sells commercially.

From 2004-2011, as a volunteer, he took over stewardship of the edible parks in Asheville, N.C., and initiated two new parks during that time. In 2014 he co-created the Nutty Buddy Collective, which is a model of land access and mentoring for aspiring young orchardists, and which is currently operating eight acres of commercial orchards around Asheville. The Acornucopia Project is a culmination of this life’s work and is a proactive positive agricultural solution for the challenges we face within our current economuic, social, and environmental constraints. He presents regionally on all manner of subjects that make a difference. Co-sponsored by Kelly Morikawa, Forest River LLC Gardening and Consulting.

Nut revival 2017 "Getting Back to the Garden" coming to Union, WV this Sunday @1:00-2:30 It could be easily argued that the cultivation that happens with annual agriculture (e.g.

corn and soy) has been the single most ecologically devastating act man has ever incurred on the planet. Every civilization in the last 5000 years has over exploited its topsoil in the name of agriculture to "feed " its people, leaving deserts where there were once lush food providing forests. The Acornucopia Project creates a dialogue that challenges the notion that we need a large industrial agricultural model to feed the booming human population. That actually, we humans, if acting intelligently, can be a regenerative force in nature that encourages biodiversity, health and creates wealth, while augmenting the carrying capacity of this planet for all life. If you are interested in hearing about this "ground breaking" new agricultural model initiated by Bill Whipple of Union, WV please come out to this event.

He will share his vision, experiences, and research that has lead him to create the project's first perennial commodity product exclusively sourced from our local native trees. We will be tasting and sampling nut tree oils and other exciting products in development.
Jonathan Cash

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