Rock Climbing Plastic to Stone Class

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12255 S 226 Hwy
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Thrifty Adventures
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Rock Climbing Plastic to Stone Class

ARE YOU LOOKING TO TRANSITION FROM GYM CLIMBING TO REAL ROCK? If so this is the class for you. Hooked on gym climbing but overwhelmed by the technical aspect of outdoor climbing? Don’t know where to begin or what gear you need? This clinic is set up to take gym climbers of all skill levels to the crag in the most efficient and safest way possible. All classes are participant focused and safety oriented taught by a certified AMGA/PCGI climbing guide. Participants will learn the basics of locating climbs, building top rope anchors, belay techniques, climbing gear essentials and minimizing risk. By the end of the day each climber will get to set up their own top rope system and climb on it. Locations: 11/11 is Table Rock NC in Pisgah National Forest December date is at Rocky Face Recreational Area **Who is this for?** All climbers looking to learn or refresh their knowledge of top rope systems, anchor building techniques, belay techniques and climbing gear fundamentals.

**Topics Covered:** - Using guide books and topography maps - Introduction to climbing Knots (Figure 8 follow through, Boling, Clove Hitch, Water knot, double fisherman’s) - Building natural and fixed(bolted) anchors - Approaching the edge - Body movement - Outdoor belaying - Climbing safety - Using a redirect - Knowledge of climbing gear and equipment essentials - LNT ****Cost (group rates and private days): Course is $95 Group rates start for groups of 6 and 12. Also the course minimum for all climbing related items is 4. If the class minimum is not met the guests has an option to reschedule or accept price increase based on number of participants signed up for course. Private days: full and 1/2 day rates available. Contact us for details.

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