Roche Musique Label Night: DARIUS + ZIMMER + KARTELL at 1015 FOLSOM

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Roche Musique Label Night: DARIUS + ZIMMER + KARTELL at 1015 FOLSOM

Roche Musique, DJ Dials, & 1015 Folsom present ROCHE MUSIQUE SHOWCASE: DARIUS ZIMMER KARTELL++ A SUPER SECRET GUEST.   FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER --- A ROCHE MUSIQUE LABEL SHOWCASE IN SAN FRANCISCO, CA. THE FRENCH LABEL THAT BROUGHT YOU THE BEST IN LIVE ELECTRONICA MUSICIANS & PRODUCERS LIKE FKJ, DARIUS, ZIMMER, KARTELL, & OTHERS... ROCHE MUSIQUE x SAN FRANCISCO WILL FEATURE PERFORMANCES FROM: DARIUS ZIMMER KARTELL and a super secret guest.   Friday April 5th / 10pm - 3am / 21+ DARIUS Facebook Soundcloud Darius is among those young artists who make you realize how much the electronic music scene has entered a new era. Having started off with Roche Musique, and now signed on Animal 63, Darius uses his machines like others once played their instrument to express their time and their emotions.

His first album ‘Utopia’ is entirely electronic, but reminds us of great soul or psychedelic records as much as it does electro music. This perhaps is due to the fact that the man behind it does not think in terms of genre and technological innovation, but simply wants to invigorate his generation despite the darkness of our time. Utopia, with its minimal sound palette and striking coherence, is an album you listen to in one breath. Vocalists E^ST, Max Jury and Wayne Snow joined Darius for the project, giving the whole project a powerful vocal breath. Even the instrumental tracks sound like they were sung, or should we say haunted by vocals. Fear not: unlike many current productions, Utopia is not sombre and anguished. Those who haunt it come in peace, with love.
Nor does Darius exaggerate the musical technicality or innovation of his work. He instead relies on a collection of matters and manners - enveloping synth sounds, curvy bass-lines, spiraling filters. Despite the wide landscape it deploys, Utopia is not maximalistic: its range of emotions is simple, direct; they caress the ears and bring out their blues. The album is a world of music invented and fantasized, hence the Utopia. It digs in 60s or 70s classic repertoire such as soul, Californian pop, German and African psychedelia. At the same time it speaks today’s languages, post-Dilla hip-hop, digital dancehall, or early 2000s British breakbeat. You’ll also catch an echo of 90s Bristol, in the way it makes melancholy voluptuous, almost desirable, and finds vital energy in despair.
Without ever following these rules to the letter, Darius’ LP is both sobre and ample, generous. It flutters along patterns and moods, and only obeys one rule: that of a musical private diary. Just our luck that this sensitive and reserved young man agreed to share a few of its pages, and that they resonate so well with us. Darius - Hot Hands ZIMMER Facebook Soundcloud Zimmer elaborates a planing, modern and colorful house. Under the banner of Roche Musique, the Parisian producer is a part of the new ‘French Touch’ wave, alongside Darius FKJ and Kartell. Recently Zimmer has built his name around some snappy remixes, especially for the Danish MØ (5 million plays) and on bewitching singles: the tropical Galapagos or the very housy Saturday Love.
Zimmer spreads his good mood in his DJ sets, always right and surprising. The mixtapes he records every month are all stories that he relates by mixing disco, alternative pop, and deep house. With his double culture (French and Californian), he is particularly known in the United States. It is also between Los Angeles and Paris that he recorded his new EP Coming of Age, marking his change to an accomplished musician profile. Zimmer - Escape KARTELL Soundcloud Since « Riviera », his first signature at Roche Musique, and «Tender Games » his latest Ep, Kartell evolves in a musical universe influenced by House, and touches of R’ N’b which became a real signature. With more than a hundred dates, the young producer became famous also thanks to his collaborations with experienced artists as Karma Kid or Jabberwocky, which remixes have over a million views.
Surrounded by his friends from Roche Musique (Darius, FKJ, Cézaire, Zimmer, Cherokee…) and with the support of accomplished producers as Kaytranada, The Magician, Bondax or even Kastle, Kartell is now moving on the international scene by widely contributing to the revival of the « French Touch » in electronic music. Kartell - Ciel & Terre Tickets: After purchasing a ticket through Eventbrite, you will receive an email with your tickets attached as a PDF. Please PRINT out your tickets and bring them with you on the night of the event. By purchasing a ticket you agree to receive periodic email communication from 1015 Folsom. Presale tickets must be redeemed by 1:30am. All events are 21+ | Please bring valid identification | NO REFUNDS .

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