Rivener//Landing//Ross Menze, presented by Twin Lakes Recs

Addresse1842 Whitney Ave
AtBest Video Performance Space
CountyDelaware (NY2963)
1842 Whitney Ave
Best Video Performance Space
Delaware (NY2963)
Tel 2018-01-27
Categoria Events
Rivener//Landing//Ross Menze, presented by Twin Lakes Recs

EARLY SHOW at your favorite video store/performance space starting at 7:30 sharp with Rivener/Landing/Ross Menze Rivener Paul Belbusti (Mercy Choir) & Michael Kiefer (Twin Lakes Recs/No Line North/Myty Konkeror) make up this guitar/drums-based psychedelic improv duo. All their songs are composed on-the-fly -- lysergic shape-shifting explorations of no wave, noise, & free-jazz, with elements rooted loosely in the rock tradition -- ineffable expressions of the human spirit. Since pressing their first release in 2015 to cassette/CD-R on the Twin Lakes imprint, Rivener has shared bills with such subterranean luminaries & forward thinkers as Magik Markers, MV & EE, Oneida, Fire Death, Xylouris White, Marisa Anderson, Samara Lubelski, Millions-Sauter Duo and Spectre Folk. Their self-titled vinyl debut was released on Sept 1 on Twin Lakes/These Are Not Records.

"New Haven, Connecticut based duo, playing guitar/drum improvisations with a very psychedelic edge...this is a great combo of loose, jazzoidlateral drum figures and a guitar tone recalling Rick Bishop at his most blotter-friendly, although mostly shorn of Eastern modalities. Which is not to infer there aren't some vary dang exotic passages.” -- Byron Coley (The Wire) Listen: http://rivener.bandcamp.com/ Landing Landing has specialized in a mild and rural type of psychedelia over the course of twenty years, ten albums and a slew of EPs and singles on labels including El Paraiso, K Records, Geographic North, Ba Da Bing. , These Are Not Records, Strange Attractors Audio House, and more. ”The whipper snappers these days, trafficking in similar sounds, have NOTHING on their sonic elders.

Dreamy, droney, poppy, psychedelic, electronic perfection. ” -Aqaurius Records ”Connecticut's Landing inhabits that amorphous space where time itself expands and contracts according to a delay pedal setting, and dream pop blurs into dream proper. Groups like Stars of the Lid and E.A.R. have wandered this same misty plane in search of the perfect drone, but Landing incorporates Bardo Pond's jam aesthetic into the journey, imparting a welcome communal feel to their lengthy, meandering compositions.” -Mark Richardson, Pitchfork "They’ve got integrity to spare and their career, though already spanning more than a decade already, seems to be just getting started." -Grant Purdum, Tinymixtapes "Some of the best avant-prog and lo-fi space rock around" -Mojo "If you're not yet familiar with Landing, I encourage you to fill up the peace pipe and figure it the fuck out." -Kenny Bloggins, Adhoc Listen: http://www.landing.bandcamp.com Ross Menze Headroom/Mountain Movers drummer bringing electronic loops + ambient noise $5-10 sliding scale at the door .

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