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Rifle "sight in" at Range

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Rifle "sight in" at Range

This is not actually a class but is a day to come to the range and shoot your rifle(s) to make sure your sights are properly set.  Many hunters do not like to shoot on the same land they hunt, for obvious reasons, and this an opportunity to shoot at distances up to 300 yards from different platforms.  It is highly recommended that you attend this session prior to hunting season and not after you have spent valuable time and money on hunting trips while using a gun that is “OFF”.   You owe it to yourself and to the game you hunt to attend this session.  Bring your own paper targets and you will also be allowed to shoot steel targets including prairie dogs, buffalo, coyote’s etc.   Knowledgeable Instructors will be on the range to provide assistance with fundamentals and ballistics.  You will be required to bring your rifle, ammo, paper targets as well as eye and ear protection for this session.

The session is limited to 2 hours. Cost is $50 .

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