Relax and Recharge Reiki

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Relax and Recharge Reiki

Reiki is a hands free technique using energy to reduce tension, stress, toxins, emotional blockages, etc., from you body, which also restores the natural flow of energy. When you relax and restore the natural flow of energy in your body, you instantly improve your state of mind. When your state of mind improves, you feel more balanced, gain a sense of clarity and inner peace, as well as an overall sense of clarity and well-being. This energetic shift resets your frequency or vibration and supports a balanced mind/body connection. From this state of mind, you are able to see life and your experiences from a differenty perspective and focus on your goals and desires. Whether you want relief from pain, to support specific goals and desires, or restore a sense of inner peace and calm, Reiki energy greatly amplifies the opportunity for a successful desired outcome.

You can even look at a Reiki Session as preventative medicine. Restoring the natural flow of energy in your body strengthens your immune system and supports that bodies ability to fight off illness and dis-ease. Whether you're seeking a sense of inner peace and calm, relief from everyday conditions such as head or stomach aches, colds, tension and anxiety, physical, mental or emotional conditions, or major illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, chronic pain, PTSD, fibromyalgia, etc., Reiki has a positive effect and is beneficial for Adults, Children and Animals. In addition, Reiki energizes your body, promotes self-healing and pain relief, reduces side effects of medical treatments, increases the rate of recovery, stabilizes or lowers blood pressure, restores sleep patterns, promotes mind/body balance and healing, and may reduce or alleviates hypertension and so much more.

Sessions are $85 for 1 hour. (call for possible insurance coverage) Call TAME LLC at 601-482-5353 .

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