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2548 E. Colorado Blvd.
Indigo Alliance
Harris (TX3671)
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Psychic Fair

Come by INDIGO for community, fun and readings at the Psychic Fair. ⧫⧫ SPECIAL FAIR PRICING* ⧫⧫ ⧫⧫ $20/15 min ⧫ $40/30 min ⧫⧫ Call now to book your reading (626) 796-2100 ⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫⧫ October's Psychic Fair will be jam packed with practitioners to bring you the experience you are looking for... Roger Allen Ward ⧫ TAROT ⧫ LOTS ⧫ REIKI ⧫ Roger has developed a spiritual toolbox that allows his natural intuitive skills to promote understanding, healing and joy. A Level III Reiki Master/Teacher in the Usui Tibetan lineage and a Minoan Energy Healing practitioner, Roger also has extensive experience working with crystals and stones.

His divination practices encompass both the Tarot and Casting Of Lots. Toni ⧫ ASTROLOGY ⧫ TAROT ⧫ Thorough, insightful and always entertaining. Toni’s puts extensive research and effort into an Astrology chart in order to give a thorough and enlightening reading. She will provide insights into questions such as who you are, why you do the things that you do and what you would be best suited to do career wise. Toni uses her vast knowledge of Astrology and Tarot, gained over 40 years of study and professional practice Annaliese ⧫ ANGEL CARD READINGS ⧫ Annaliese has always been connected and intrigued by the history of angels, fairies, tarot, crystals and books/lessons about our natural spiritual world. For as long as she has known, she has been a gifted creative intuitive, a talent she incorporates with each of her sessions/readings.

Adriana ⧫ TAROT ⧫ COFFEE GROUND READINGS ⧫ ENERGY HEALING ⧫ Adriana is a healer, channel, reader, pattern re-writer and a healthy lifestyle teacher.Once she is put on your path your life will change, as you have desired to bring new life and new energy to your current situation. She is here to answer any of your questions, walk you through healing and help you understand why have you chosen certain life lessons for your soul’s growth. Yaya ⧫ EMPATHIC MEDIUM ⧫ Always insightful, Yaya's readings dive deep into the energy of your past, present, and future. Gain understanding about your past lives, animal totems, influential ascended masters, and recieve guidance from the angels for your spiritual journey. Hilja Mari ⧫ PSYCHIC ⧫ TAROT ⧫ Hilja Mari is a clairsentient psychic using tarot to divine messages, understanding and solutions for you.

She has an M.F.A. and a background in psychology. Straightforward and enthusiastic, Hilja focuses on relationships, life’s crossroads, and what’s up for you. She sees temporary and core conditions, and ways to move forward to love your life. We look forward to seeing you there.

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