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Pokémon Summer Camp

Attention Pokemon Trainers - Grades K-8. Join us in July for our Pokémon Summer Camp. At our Meeple Madness Summer Camp, you'll learn to play the Pokemon Trading Card Game, play games with other trainers, make Pokemon crafts and acquire lots of new Pokemon for your decks.  You will learn how to build and modify your very own deck, and how to trade fairly with other players.  You will even play in an official Pokemon Tournament. Our Learn-To-Play Camp starts Monday, July 8th and runs through Thursday, July 11th.  Each day begins at 10:00 am when the shoppe opens.  Camp finishes up at 1:00 pm each day.  Our Pokemon Trainer camp is limited to 16 players, so be sure to register early.  Online reservations end on Saturday, June 29th. After that time, in-store reservations will be accepted for any remaining spaces.

The cost to attend camp is $125.00 per Trainer. Throughout the event, each Trainers will receive: 1 Pokemon Theme Deck1 Elite Trainer Box1 Pokemon Sealed Event Player Kit6 Pokemon Boosters 1 Set of Sleeves1 Set of Damage CountersSnacks, Crafts and other great Pokemon items. While the exact schedule may change, the planned schedule will be: Monday You'll learn the basics of playing and game mechanics, including how to properly read a Pokémon card, and how to use them properly in a game.  We'll demonstrate how to protect your card collection from accidental damage, and review good sportsmanship. Tuesday You'll learn how to build your very own deck from a collection of cards and how to "tune" a deck to your style of play.  You'll also learn the basics of card value and how to trade fairly with other trainers.
 You'll also level up your game play with lessons on basic synergy and tactics. Wednesday On the third day of camp, you'll explore the "sealed" format of game play, and learn how to build a deck using a limited card pool.  Trainers will play with their limited decks to see how well they've done. Thursday For the final day of camp, you'll participate in a fully sanctioned Pokémon tournament using all the cards and skills you've learned over the week.  You'll get your very own Pokémon ID, and will be eligible to play in future events like our Pokémon League Challenges, Cups, and Pre-Release events. Each day will also include a variety of other activities including trivia, crafts, and other cool stuff.  If you have any questions, please contact the shoppe at pokemon@meeplemadness.com..

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