PNC Chicago Bears 5K

Addresse1410 S Museum Campus Dr
AtSoldier Field
CountyCook (IL1679)
1410 S Museum Campus Dr
Soldier Field
Cook (IL1679)
Tel 2018-06-23
Categoria Events
PNC Chicago Bears 5K

You’ve trained. You’re ready. Now hit the field. This is YOUR game day. Join us for the PNC Chicago Bears 5K on Saturday, June 23rd and finish the race on historic Soldier Field. You cheer us on all season long, now it’s our turn to cheer for you.

Montgomery here is the date. I couldn’t remember if you were back in town for this.
Are you looking for 20-60 volunteers? If so, I'd love to chat with the race organizer.
Michael, Thurman,Woods & Michelina are you in this year?
Michael Gray Wanna have a battle for last place?
Tanisha Cannon Jelani J Fury HaynesAmber Camille
I wish you would move this back to the fall.
This is a super easy run. Maybe I'll do it.
Wasn't it a run not too long ago in chicago
Registered .

Tim King Carolyn Schaffer
Sara Tichy we should do this.
Naw we good fams..

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