Pet Tech Pet First Aid Instructor Training (3 Day Training Program) - October 2019

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Pet Tech Pet First Aid Instructor Training (3 Day Training Program) - October 2019

PetSaver Instructor Program   What's The Program?The Pet Tech® Instructor Training is a comprehensive, 40+ hour program that includes online modules and hands-on Instruction. Instructors will learn the necessary skills and teaching techniques to properly train Pet Parents and Pet Care Professionals in CPR, First Aid & Care. This course will include competent training in the identification and evaluation of the signs and symptoms a pet may develop and the appropriate actions to be taken for proper emergency medical treatment. The course is taught by presentation, demonstration and hands-on skills practice. Who Are Our Instructors?The Instructor Training is ideal for: obedience trainers, kennel operators, pet retailers, pet sitters, veterinarian staff, animal shelter employees, pet rescue personnel, pet groomers, EMT's, fire fighters, and any pet lover.

"Pet Tech is a vital part of my dog training business. It has been a vehicle which has increased my access to pet shelters and Humane Societies in my area. The first aid program has become part of the offered training to the staff of more than one of these shelters as a fund raiser, even being included in the curricula for a dog trainers academy. I think all dog trainers should have first aid training to provide for their students."- Lisa Clifton-Bumpass, Pawsitive Steps Dog Training What's The Market?Pet Parents consider their pets to be their best friends, members of their family and lifelong companions. There are over 85 million families that own pets in the United States. Annually, they spend over 60 billion dollars on their pets. There is a tremendous need for training in pet CPR, first aid and care because unfortunately, thousands of pets are injured every year from preventable accidents.
Pet Parents would do just about anything to help their pet, if they knew how. Pet Tech® Instructors help fulfill this need by offering the following classes: CPR & First Aid for Your Pets™and the PetSaver™ Training Why Join The Pet Tech Team?Pet Tech® supports its Instructors with a uniquely branded website, marketing strategies, advertising materials, public relations and a student referral program. As a qualified Pet Tech® Instructor, you can fulfill an important need for Pet Parents and Pet Care Professionals and increase your revenues as well as the following: Increase the success of your business, Attract new clients, Be part of a fun and exciting industry and Offer additional services to existing clients. We are successful when you are successful.
Our Instructor Training Classes  The Pet Tech® Instructor Program is limited to 8 students in order to maintain the quality and personalized training which is a hallmark of the Pet Tech® brand. Each Instructor will receive: Welcome Packet, Power Point Presentations for all Programs, Marketing Starter Kit, Expanded Website Profile Page, Marketing Strategies, Teaching and Technical Support, Referral Programs and more. Upon completion, the Instructor will be able to promote and teach the following programs: PetSaver™ 
CPR & First Aid For Your Pets Knowing Your Pet’s Health Pet Emergency & Disaster Preparedness Hiking & Walking With Your Dog REGISTER NOW . Register for the 3-Day Pet Tech Instructor Training Program   Do you want to expand your knowledge on Canine Nutriton and offer your clients even more.
Consider coming a day early for our Canine Nutriton Class. Description: Our Canine Nutrition and Herbal Care is more than an informational class you may have attended in the past. But at the same time we do not push any one type of diet for your canine. After completing the series you will be able to make an informened descision on choosing the best diet for your dog based on your life style and budget. The class is divided into three sections: Canine Nutriton 101 This is our basic class and will be covering the different feeding options available to us and the pros and cons of each. These include: High Heat Kibble (Commercial pet foods) Baked Low Heat Kibble Air Dried Kibble Prescription Diets Canned Balanced Food Freeze Dried Balanced Raw Commercially Prepared Balanced Raw Fresh Food.
Homemade Balanced Fresh Food As we discuss each of the feeding options we will cover: How to read a dog food label What items should never be in your dog’s food Novel proteins that my help your dog with skin issues The canine super foods Therapeutic diets How to create a home diets Supplements like fish oil, vitamins and probiotics Maintaining your dog’s weight At the end of the Canine Nutrition 101  you should have a good understanding on how to make an informed decision what method of feeding your four legged family member. Canine Nutrition 102 - This course requires some pre-class homework so you will be prepared to formulate a meal. In depth coverage of: 1. Maintaining your dog’s weight 2. Theraputic diets (weight loss)  A short discussion on cancer prevention, kidney disease, liver diease, diabetes  Functional foods Supplements  Food sensitivies and allergies Protiens (intro) Fats (intro) Carbohydrates (intro) Macro & Micro Nutrients Vitimans and minerals 3. Determining your dogs Metabolic Weight Determining your dogs required energy needs Creating Complete & Balanced meals Herbal Care 101 - Here we will discuss and prepare: (if you wish take home am herbal remedy you will need to add the lab fee to you tution fee, otherwise you can audit and make your own at home)  1. Herbal Dewormer 2. Golden Paste 3. Fermented apples (Probiotics)  4. Comfry/Plantain Sauve    What this Series is about:  Multiple studies have proven a healthy weight dog can live up to two years longer You will learn science based nutritional information to help keep your dog healthy I consider myself a Canine Nutrition Consultant  who can assist you in providing the best nutrition for your dog,(only veterinarians with nutrition training can hold the title of "Veterinarian Nutritionist") . I have completed both formal and informal training programs dealing with canine nutrition. What this Series is not: I am not a Certified Veterinarian Nutritionist and there for will not try to prescribe a theraputic diet for you and your dog. Although the information is correct, if you have a sick dog you should consult a veterinarian (who believes in nutrional therapies), a holistic veterinarian or a Canine Nutrition Consultant.   Special Note About Dog Hill Homestead What you need to know is our property is an off the grid homestead and Canine Sports Park (Agility, Dock Diving, Herding and Search & Rescue Training) currently under construction. As construction is underway, you may see open/studded walls, insulation, construction lights and a basic concrete floor. For winter classes we heat with wood and do our best to keep the temperature around 70 degrees. We do not have an internet connection but your phones and mobile data should work well in our home.  Once you arrive our home is a 1/3 mile off of Pine Street, primarily up hill on a gravel driveway. I recommend dressing as if you we were visiting a farm for walking around. With all that said you may also enjoy meeting some of our 2 or 4 legged friends, 6 Nigerian goats, our 4 loved Aussies, 1 cat, Indian Runner ducks, a Guinea hen, and many Jersey Black Giant Hens and Red Bourbon turkeys. Coming in the spring pf 2018 2 pigs and some sheep. And you will also have the advantage of seeing some of the first aid supplies and nutrients I use for my own pets. Classes are rarely if ever cancelled and I have taught classes for only one person.  Please feel free to call with any questions..

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